Poll: H2 2014 workshop locations: where would you like me to go?

Following on from the previous report from the Melbourne Making Outstanding Images workshop and in the interests of determining which locations I should go to in the second half of 2014 – planning begins now – here’s a poll to get your input. Also feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Please note:

  • Please only answer if you intend to attend
  • Making Outstanding Images workshops are three days long, and follow this syllabus (Melbourne and London). They are aimed at all photographers of all levels and cover the core toolkit you need to make the images you want.
  • Masterclass are five days long, and follow this syllabus. They are aimed at intermediate/ advanced photographers who want to take their photography further, develop style and want an intensive feedback cycle to hone their vision. The aim is beyond just making pictures: it’s to turn you into a serious photographer.

Thanks in advance! MT


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  1. Thomas says:

    Looks like you’re back from Havana. In light of your first-impression enjoyment of that city, my condolences! 😉

  2. I stopped by to see how the poll results were looking. It seems a safe bet that the winning “Other” category is highly fragmented, so I found it interesting to see Venice is holding onto the lead for the MasterClass after a brief period, I think, of being nosed out by LA and NYC. Also interesting to me to notice differences between the two class types.

  3. No Boston? I see that Seattle is finally in the list just after I move from Seattle to Boston 🙂

  4. Stockholm represent!

  5. MarcoSartoriPhoto says:

    Voted Venice, Italy, because I live not far from there. And chose November, being winter and usually the city is less crowded than usual. Can’t do anything on September since I’ll be married 🙂

  6. Dear Ming,
    Geneva and Zurich are both excellent choices in Switzerland for street photography. Just outside these city’s there are very special and typical Swiss landscapes, well suited for landscape photography. Is it possible to combine street photography and landscape photography in one of your masterclasses?

    • Quite possibly, if there’s demand. I’ve done some very satisfying landscape work outside Geneva (I have quite a few clients there and in the nearby Vallee du Joux) so that’s a possibility – again, if there’s enough demand…

  7. Please disregard exactly one vote for November — mis-clicked sorry.

    So many options if the large cities aren’t critical….

    New Mexico in US offers light, colors including earth and sky that seem unlike other locations, and historic architecture to join them.

    US mountain locations both east and west sport some small cities with subject matter and facilities you could use well [ IF students would come].

    Smaller villages of Germany, Switzerland, Austria (but village hopping might be involved). Cities in Austria.

    Your usual method of working a city over several days would be disrupted by a rail tour shooting by day and relocating overnight (and land up in a good location for editing on the appropriate day) ~ but you might or not mull that outlandish idea as a future challenge 😉

    Coastal Italy (Cinque Terre or Sorrentine peninsula ?).

    Scotland! In light of some other locations that have worked for you it would be tempting to vote this one to your must-do “bucket list” so-to-speak. Apologies if you’ve already conducted a class I’m unaware of or if I’m a bit enthusiastic about this one. I gather that visual content would be ample for you. Logistics likely manageable. Maybe demand would materialize as well?

    • For what it’s worth, a good chance blackout dates would materialize on my part in late summer through September and October, whereas November and December likely to open up considerably. I voted with assumption that scheduling would work etc.

    • Lots of interesting options and suggestions – thank you. I’d rather not have participants waste time on travel (not to mention making costs and logistics more difficult) so one location is ideal. Looks like Venice, SF, LA and Seattle are quite popular…

      • Sorry not to have cited specific cities, having figured that a little bit of research might turn up options superior to the immediately obvious ones. (Vienna, Amalfi, Edinburgh,…) Maybe some for future consideration if it develops to be Venice in the winter!

        • I didn’t find Vienna that conducive to shooting, actually. Prague was at least an order of magnitude more productive for me. Venice should also be excellent, ditto Amalfi…

  8. All are wonderful destinations. Any chance you might consider a city in Canada in the future?

  9. I wrote in Washington, DC in September for the Masters class. It would be great to see you work with its Brutalist architecture in the fall afternoon light.

  10. Interesting that Seattle is doing so well as a write-in.

  11. Thierry says:

    Greetings from Switzerland… Can ou elaborate on the logic of having Geneva/Zurich as a combined proposal ? Those 2 cities are 280 km apart, each probably offering sufficiently interesting ‘visual material’ for full session. Furthermore quite a bit of time would be wasted commuting if the 2 places were to be visited during a single session.

  12. iskabibble says:

    Shanghai. A city of 24 million people and absolutely RABID about photography.

    • Language issues.

      • iskabibble says:

        You think in a city of 24 million people there arent a dozen English speakers?

        Wow………just wow………..

        Guess what, I dont speak a word of Chinese. There are over 100,000 expats here in Shanghai. You think none of them are interested in photography?

        • A dozen English speakers who are interested in photography and have the necessary level of knowledge to find the syllabus useful and have the free time and interest and funds and would want me to teach them – that’s not so easy to find. Given the SF Bay Area and NYC have many times more English speakers to begin with, and I managed to find about 30 – I don’t think I’d find 12 in Shanghai.

          Let’s make this even simpler: the number of people suggesting anywhere at all in China, excluding Hong Kong, was one. And I suspect that might have been you. 🙂

  13. I would potentially be interested in a course in Perth, but timing is everything, as I need sufficient notice to be able to get some time off work…

  14. Looks like LA is a top contender… 😉

    • Hey, things might change in the next 24 hours…

    • LA is indeed holding strong. I live a couple hours north and I’d be the first one to register if Ming came to southern California this year.

      • It’s either that or SF, or possibly both…

        • Hypothetically, if you did come to San Francisco or Los Angeles, what parts of those cities would you take us to? Sadly, I don’t qualify for the Master Class, so in three days, what kinds of events, places, etc. do you think you’d cover?

          In any case, I’ll probably fly anywhere in the U.S. to take one of your workshops, Ming.

          • Can’t say for LA as I don’t know it that well, however for SF we were downtown most of the time and on foot. The Outstanding Images syllabus is very much subject independent, so it doesn’t really matter where we are – just so long as there’s something to photograph 🙂

            • LA is pretty spread out unlike San Francisco or New York, and you basically have to drive to get anywhere. One could spend a whole day photographing in one area without driving like downtown LA, but that’d cover only one aspect of a very diverse city/urban sprawl. Anyway, fingers crossed LA is on your list, and I am purposely delaying making plans for the 2nd half of the year until you announce your workshop schedule.

              • That’s a good point – do you think it would be workable if we stayed in one area? Or would we need to move around?

                • We could have a base hotel, and then drive somewhere for the day, probably by carpooling or maybe a van service. Traffic can be horrific at the wrong times of the day, but you wouldn’t have to drive more than 30 miles to get to most of the interesting places, and most places are much closer than that. There are areas that are next to each other that are easy to get to, so we could go from one area to another without dealing with traffic too much.

                  It all depends on what kind of subjects you’re looking for. Downtown LA would be great for street and architecture. Natural landscape might be hard to find without going a bit out of the area, and things might be brown because of our ongoing drought. People photography is pretty easy, especially in places like Santa Monica and Hollywood. Some places are more amenable to walking than others — the pedestrian infrastructure can be a bit of a hit and miss.

  15. Have you ever thought of workshops in country areas such as Broken Hill? We are nted for our strong commitment to the arts and I am sure that our local ABC Open producer Jenia Ratcliff would love to hear from you.

    • If there’s enough demand, sure – but the economics still have to make sense.

      • Your class instruction itself would strike me as the driving force in attracting students, the location relegated to merely a nice secondary benefit.

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