Coming soon: Making Outstanding Images Episodes 4&5: Exploring Style. Last call for HTS2/ Street 1 bundle

I’m pleased to announce the final two videos in the Making Outstanding Images workshop series are very nearly complete.

Style is a very complex subject that extends from the point of capture through post processing and eventually, output. We examine what style is; break it down into constituent quantitative components; look at four styles in detail, shoot live examples on location in Penang, Malaysia and then bring the whole thing back to the studio to complete the post processing. It’s more than six hours of video in total, spread over two episodes (you can buy the style portion and the post processing portions separately) and four parts. It is easily the most comprehensive, time consuming and extensive production we’ve done, so advance warning is necessary: it will cost a little bit more than the previous videos, but you get what you pay for 🙂

Both videos – Episodes 4 and 5 – will be available very soon from the online store.

This will also be the last few days to buy the Making Outstanding Images Ep. 2&3 bundle, and the How To See Ep2.: Tokyo & Street Photography 1 bundle at the special launch prices. Those are also available from the online store right now 🙂

Finally, some of you may have noticed we’ve also taken this opportunity to give the store UI a little refresh – the whole thing should be much easier to navigate now, and you can also see which videos we have in the works.

Thanks again for your support! MT


Places left for 2014 Making Outstanding Images Workshops: Havana and London – click here for more information and to book!


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  1. Btw, any plans on a Lightroom-centric workflow? I learned a lot from your Photoshop one, but it would be cool to streamline everything to one app.

    • It’s been in the works for a while. I’m still not happy with the results. The problem is buyers would expect me to be able to produce the same results with LR, which I simply cannot; and as a result I don’t use LR at all. I am slightly struggling with resolving this…perhaps a poll would be in order.

      • Totally makes sense – I was trying to apply the processing philosophy learnt from you in Lightroom with no luck – there’s always a feeling of … sloppiness in final results, so I finally stuck to “use Lightroom for ACR-style corrections, then follow Ming’s workflow”.

        • That also works – the adjustments I take into PS almost always have to be done in PS to get a perfect result. We can compromise in LR, but why settle?

  2. Exciting! I was hoping you’d get another couple of videos in before I shoot my friends’ wedding next month!

  3. Nice one ming 🙂 It’s always a treat to see how you do PP and with my GR I’ve been shooting a lot of B/W so I’m looking forward to this. Btw, what strap do you have on your Panerai?


    • Thanks!

      It’s one of Don’s grey suede sharksins. Been waiting for my MP olive sharkskin to arrive, but it seems he takes his time…

  4. Hello Ming, since I have done the email school and covered the fundamentals , which episodes in the series could be the most interesting for me ?. Thanks
    By the way nice Panerai 🙂

  5. Johnson N says:

    Is there going to be a new bundle with the fundamentals and all 5 making outstanding images? If so I’ll hold off on buying the current bundle.

    • There will be, but to make pricing fair for everybody, buying the current Fundamentals/ Outstanding Images 1-3 bundle now and the 4&5 bundle later will cost the same. So, no reason to wait 🙂

  6. Looking forward to the new videos! I have watched the previous ones multiple times each. I learn something new each time through. Also really looking forward to the Photoshop Monochrome Masterclass. Wow!!!

  7. the new look of the store is good and looking forward to E4&5

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