Photoessay: New York City in colour

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I’m guessing you’re probably sick of seeing NYC, so this will be the last one for the time being: somewhere between street photography and the observations of a flaneur, but above all, a view at how I see a new environment. Shot with the Fuji X20 and Nikon Coolpix A; two very capable and enjoyable cameras I reviewed some time back while in the US. Enjoy! MT

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  1. Reblogged this on PHOTO-grafia and commented:
    Due to my eternal love for New York City, i feel obligated to reblog this.

  2. Jorge Balarin says:

    Thanks for the great photos Ming !

  3. Sergey Landesman says:

    Great storytelling pictures.Two thumbs up!

  4. Great work–as always. My favorite is “Bioshock” (or what I call “Bioshock”).

  5. really appreciated these images..’.so many words’ : ) definitely an essay and no not tired of looking, perspectives of others nearly always add something to mine ..thanks

  6. Your photography is always inspiring to me. Thanx for sharing.

  7. Gerard Hilinski says:

    Excellent work, Ming!

  8. A wonderful set of NYC sparklers! Your “sick of NY” comment leaves me asking what is left for those of us who live here in the city when it’s all we have!

  9. You have made me homesick, well done! Thats only meant to read about 20% sarcastic…80% genuine approval. Hmmm…maybe 30/70 even… ;P

  10. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Nice set, and a reminder that street photography in NYC does not have to be in B&W despite what some think.

    • It does if you shoot with a Monochrom 🙂 Joking aside I agree that it is nice to see some colour images and nyc is such a vibrant city that it really does it justice.

      Ming, another great set of images and an inspiration for my trip there in December. Let’s see if I did learn anything in Amsterdam and can begin to get close to these, framing and vertical shooting coming along well, the rest, not so sure. I need that email school, any places yet?

      • Ron Scubadiver says:

        Mark, anything goes, rules are made to be broken.

        • Ron, absolutely, the first rule of street photography is that there are no rules …… or is that Fight Club? There’s a movie I have watched many times and still don’t have a clue what happened. Oh well back to Ming’s videos to see if I can figure those out.

      • It’s okay, you have the GR now too 🙂

        Sorry, the people I expected to finish haven’t finished yet – so we’re probably looking at November. Don’t worry, I’m keeping a waiting list for the email school and will contact people as soon as I’ve got a slot 🙂

        • I know, that GR is monster of a camera thinly disguised as a compact. So easy to use and great files for a smaller sensor.

          Just let me know about the email school, if I don’t reply straight away it’s maybe because our new junk filter seems to have been designed to let all the wrong stuff through and keep the good stuff out.

    • 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Christian Barrett says:

    Hi Ming,
    Love the look of your pictures! The Fuji seems to me to have a slight grey tint over them apparent in the highlights. The Nikon set less so. Is it the camera or choice of processing? By the way, have you stopped using the GR? Or is it only b&w?
    Keep posting, very inspiring!

    • It’s the camera and the way the odd DR200/ DR400 modes work. These images were shot in April this year; I acquired a GR in May, and everything since has been shot with that.

  12. I’d never get sick of seeing these type of images. Keep them going please.

  13. Wonderful Set Ming!

  14. Excellent series Ming

  15. Some lovely images in this lot. I like your categorization of “somewhere between street photography and the observations of a flaneur”. Probably a couple images eg the workmen studying the pipework, is more along the lines of documentary style photography?

    • Thanks Sven. I think the best street photography is pretty close to photojournalism, and is definitely documentary in nature – if not, what is the image trying to say?

      • Is there a chance anywhere online to see your “real” photojournalist work from the earlier days? Would be interesting after following the blog for some time.

        • Probably not; I didn’t get allocated events of any particular historical note, and frankly, it is not representative of the nature of my work or style now anyway.

      • Think the difference of street photography and photo journalism is that street is more timeless, while photo journalism is more often tied to an event of public interest. The footage supports the broader news picture.

        • That makes sense too. It doesn’t remove the obligation of the photographer to actually try and record a story/ event, even if it may not be of historical significance – though public interest is probably open to some debate…

  16. The thought of being “sick of seeing NYC” is absurd! 😉 Great photos, BTW!

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