Photoessay: The people of Tokyo

Another one of the continuing series from my last Tokyo trip – this time focusing on is inhabitants. Enjoy! MT

This set was shot with an Olympus OM-D and the ZD 45/1.8. As usual, click on any image to go to its Flickr landing page; EXIF data is intact on the right hand side link.

_5010738 copy
Plenty to spare, Ginza

_5011648 copy
Geisha in training, Asukusa

_5011064 copy
Maid for hire, Akihabara

_5012573 copy
Only in Tokyo would this be considered normal. Shibuya

_5011662 copy
Putting up a wager, Asakusa

_5011178 copy
Untitled. Senso-Ji temple grounds, Asakusa

_5011598 copy
Coffee break, Shibuya

_5011672 copy
A considered proposition. Somewhere along the Yamanote line

_5011753 copy
Reading the fine print, Akihabara

_5011580 copy
What happens after closing time. Asakusa

_5011268 copy
Elegant shopping. Ginza

_5012509 copy
Public opinion, Shibuya

_5012286 copy
A Japanese cliche, Shibuya

_5010852 copy
Even the chauffeur gets lost sometimes. Ginza


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  1. Jorge Balarin says:


  2. There is an amazing light in these pictures of amazing people.

  3. Nice set of pictures Ming! Btw, I’m wondering if your B&W pictures have a blue cast being viewed on my macbook pro retina display, does it mean my monitor is not properly calibrated? I started using spyder 4 to calibrate my monitor after reading your article about the colour space, but it seems that I can’t get satisfying results no matter how I calibrate the screen.

    • Thanks Antony. The B&W images all have zero color information, so any cast you’re seeing is due to your monitor. Try using the Apple Calibration Utility…

  4. ISHRATH RAJAB says:

    As usual Ming …outstanding. You can make any camera sing.Give an artist a toothbrush and he will paint a great picture 🙂

    • Thanks Ishrath! Can’t say I’ve tried photographing with a toothbrush, but I get the idea. By the way, if you ever get bored of your H1 I’ll take it off your hands gladly 🙂

  5. vinh truong says:

    Beautiful set. I’m addicted to reading your blog and looking at your photos. Wish I had time to learn more. Thank you

  6. Beautiful shots!

  7. A great set. I love shooting on the streets of Tokyo…

  8. Lovely Ming; I lived in Nippon for four years; this brought back memories. Thanks you!

    • Steve Jones says:

      Very nicely observed Ming. How you get everything so sharp, well framed and of consistent exposure, not to mention quality ( even with different cameras ) blows me away! These few pictures capture some of the ‘essence’ of Tokyo for sure. I just walked around there today and saw similar things but I wasn’t smart enough to be carrying my camera! After seeing these images, I sure will next time.

    • Thanks Kit!

  9. Only in Tokyo would this be considered normal.

    I take it you’ve never been to Portland, Oregon…

  10. Cool pictures, Ming.
    The 4th one is great !

  11. Beautiful shots from my favourite city!

    I was wondering in the “Coffee Break” shot, is that natural with the front lit face or has that been lightened in post?


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