Inspirations from older cameras: The Canon SD780IS/ IXUS 100 IS

Early 2009. I’d never really thought of the importance of the camera you have with you up til this point – I’d always gotten around that by always carrying the best camera I had. There were, however, situations where that wasn’t really suitable, so I went in search of a compact camera. I was taken by the overall stealthiness of the Canon IXUS SD780IS; it was matte black, rounded, and had a load of flush buttons. 33-100 wasn’t an ideal focal length range, but it did start somewhere reasonably acceptable for street photography and covert documentary work. It also produced a reasonably nice file that was easy to work with in photoshop. My mum inherited this camera and refuses any attempts on my part to give her an upgrade. MT

_780_IMG_2368b copy

_780_IMG_0282b copy

_780_IMG_0457b copy

_780_IMG_0348b copy

_780_IMG_0084b copy
Truth is found at the bottom of a glass

_780_IMG_0111b copy
Paradise found

_780_IMG_0444b copy

_780_IMG_2668bw copy

_780_IMG_2440b copy
Autumn in London

_780_IMG_2258bw copy
One of my favorite portraits ever

_780_IMG_2326bw copy

_780_IMG_0743bw copy
All about the eyebrows


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  1. Wonderful pictures and with a P&S. I had one of these as well. Nice Camera.


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