Photoessay: Geneva monochromes with the Olympus OM-D

Some street photography from Geneva with the Olympus OM-D andy 45/2.8 Macro. I didn’t use the 45/1.8 (my choice for this kind of thing) because I was decompressing with my backup lenses after being on assignment…

Enjoy! MT

As usual, all images can be clicked on for larger versions.

_5004225bw copy

_5004177bw copy

_5004129bw copy

_5004200bw copy

_5004086bw copy

_5004146bw copy

_5004111bw copy

_5004102bw copy

_5004097bw copy

_5004088bw copy


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  1. Do you have any generally rules or scenes you look for when composing for street pictures?

    • None, save that there must be something aesthetically interesting going on with the composition, and preferably a moment of life or interaction captured.

  2. This is a really nice set of Black and White. Did you use the B&W JPG and the built in B&W filters for contrast control?
    Glad you had a chance to unwind… an important part of a long day.

    • Thank you. Nope, shot RAW and converted in ACR/ Photoshop. I don’t trust any built in filters or JPEG engines (or even photoshop filters, for that matter) – none of them give the amount of control required for a good conversion. There’s no substitute for local dodge and burn.

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  4. Always interesting to see “my” city through someone else’s eyes. It’s very inspiring. I’m not so confident about shooting people so I worked that in the old town of Geneva and here is the result – not too much “in your face shots” 🙂
    Next time you come in Switzerland, I would be honored to serve you as a guide.

  5. Great job Ming…
    I really like the way you capture the street.
    Also, the black and white is amazing! 😀

  6. William Jusuf says:

    Ming.. those are very lovely and pleasant photos
    Admire your vision also the dynamic range of OMD

    Just my curiosity.. for street shot… if you bring both lenses… which do you use ? 45 1.8 or 45 2.8 ?


    • Thanks. I used the 45/2.8 because the OM-D was my backup rig on this (watch) shoot. Otherwise, I’d bring the 45/1.8 if it was solely a travel expedition.

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