POTD: A classical portrait

_5001019 copy
Nadiah. Olympus OM-D, 45/1.8

Sometimes, everything just comes together serendipitously. In this case, my wife (and muse, but that’s to be the subject of a future post) and I were attending a small function at a rather quirkily-decorated space in downtown Kuala Lumpur. I was going light, so I just carried the OM-D and two lenses; the 45/1.8 and 20/1.7. Just off the space, there was this small room separated by a partition; not only were there some nice details – like the Adams-family-esque hand – but the light was also beautifully directional yet soft. It just happened to be overcast outside, and with the sun at a low angle so the light went all the way into the room; see why I keep saying 99% of photography is light and timing? I grabbed my wife and shot a few frames to create what I think is one of the most satisfying portraits I’ve ever shot. MT


  1. Very nice captured, is there any post processed on the photo?

  2. parameteres says:

    Love this image – Excellent pose with all the colors and lines in the right place 🙂 (ok except the wall plug)

    Tried OMD over the weekend, loving it.

    • Thanks – I thought of taking it out, but decided that it might look a bit unnatural without so I left it in the end. Ah, so one more OM-D convert! 🙂

  3. Thanks Aizuddin! Nice review.

  4. Nice shot. Any further thoughts on the OM-D?


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