POTD: I’m working on it.

_7063998bw copy
The mother of all DSLR comparisons is coming soon. Give me until Sunday!


  1. Is your D800 taped up over the words Nikon and D800? Do you do that with most cameras?

    Very much looking forward to the review.. thanks!

  2. I appreciate your detailed and ongoing account of your experience with the D800. Your comparisons with the D700 have been particularly useful, as I photograph architecture and interiors with a D700 and have been considering the D800 or D800E to serve clients who think they want higher resolution. I’m looking forward to your insights on the D800E, particularly whether or not the lack of anti-aliasing filter results in (time consuming to retouch) moire, which is something I’ve found with medium format.

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your experiences.

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