POTD: Workers

_DL5T_L1000859bw copy
Workers. Leica D-Lux 5

Any guesses as to which famous photographer’s style I’m emulating here? MT


  1. parameteres says:

    I love this series posted in your Flickr 🙂 yeah, i go to construction site alot but never see the artistic merits… till now

    • Thanks – well, I’d imagine your job takes you there. Maybe next time I’m in Singapore (or you’re in KL) you can get us site access and we can do a quick shoot…

  2. Nice one. The texture of the mud and the bloke on the bottom right make the shot for me. I’ve struggled with taking pictures that have too many elements in them, mine just end up looking like a confused mess of distractions. I really admire detailed, well balanced shots like these.

  3. salgado

  4. I was going to say that Japanese dude who likes to take photos from above. However, his photos are much brighter. Yours is quite dark and moody.

  5. parameteres says:

    Sebastião Salgado?

    • Damn, I just realized I put the answer up on flickr haha. Oh well, if you *still* think it looks like that, then my job here is done… 😉

      • parameteres says:

        it’s a good interpretation. i wasn’t sure in the beginning as Salgado’s are quite (labor) intensive.

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