Photoessay: Greenwich Park

One of London’s great open green spaces, home to the Maritime Museum (formerly Naval Headquarters), the Royal Observatory, and of course the Prime Meridian – or GMT-0 line. You could theoretically be in two timezones at once here, but curiously the whole of England is still on GMT. More interestingly for the horologically inclined, the observatory houses Harrison’s pioneering marine chronometers – the H-series clocks that made accurate navigation possible at sea through the calculation of longitude. And they still work. The park itself is just a nice place to spend a winter afternoon. MT

Series shot with a Ricoh GR-Digital III

_0010744bw copy

_0010736bw copy

_0010757bw copy

_0010745bw copy

_0010763bw copy


  1. Robert Stark says:

    Beautiful photographs of one of my favorite places in the world (not that I have travelled so widely that I have seen even a tiny fraction of the extraordinary places around the world). In light of our discussions on the topic of colour and black and white photography, you might be amused that in my mind I see the beautiful green spaces of the Greenwich site. I took the boat from London in the summer and walked up the hill to the observatory.

    Thank you, very much for this little series.

  2. Well compose monochrome. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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