Photoessay: Over Australia

This series was shot while on a long flight home from Auckland, New Zealand; the transit via Singapore meant that most of the flight was actually spent crossing the vast Australian landmass, over its northeast corner. The landscape through the window changed every ten minutes or so, presenting vastly different scenes – more abstract paintings than scenery. I was entranced, and didn’t manage to finish the presentation I was supposed to put together on the flight. But, I think it was probably worth it. MT

This series shot with a Nikon D700 and AFS 28-300/3.5-5.6 VR.

_7018771 copy

_7018807 copy

_7018792 copy

_7018840 copy

_7018853 copy

_7018779 copy

_7018833 copy


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  1. The cloudscape is beautiful. Nice job!

  2. Jack Hon says:

    I do this on almost every trip I get to sit by the window but never get anything nearly as good!! Such depth and clarity…

  3. Absolutely stunning. You don’t even notice the plane’s window and so little atmospheric haze as well. Wow. My personal favourite is the first one, especially the saturated dark blue sky fading into the inky blackness of outer space (haha!).

  4. Also need the camera able to do fast autofocus + fast lenses too. Not many compact or micro 4/3 can have such capability.

    • Yes. The list for me is limited to the Ricoh GR-Digital series, the Leica D-Lux 5/ Panasonic LX5, and the Olympus EP3/EPL3/EPM1 (and presumably the OM-D whenever it’s available).

  5. about six months ago, i flew near a storm that was amazing.. but couldn’t get to my camera in the overhead.. stewardess was very insistenT that i stay seated! it was an amazing view

  6. Best plane shots from a window seat I’ve ever seen. When flying, we sometimes have seats with blocked view because of wings or engines, you have some clean shots here. Also, I usually have my camera packed away and not easily accessible. Gonna look for this opportunity next time I fly.

    • I forgot to mention that it was a work trip, so I was sitting up front in the bus and ahead of the engines/ wings; if you’re behind you tend to get a lot of ripple turbulence from the engine exhaust, too.

  7. Great photos. I rarely ever get images so clear. Every time I fly I insist on a window seat and am glued to it watching the landscape beneath me flow by.

  8. Ciao, , great shots, so clear from a plane window!!!! Am amazed, envious, but thanks for sharing. Lynne

  9. Can’t tell what’s more amazing… The photographs or the incredibly clean window…just amazing, so sharp and clear!

  10. parameteres says:

    photo no. 5 absolutely amazing!

  11. Very nice arial shots. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  12. how did you manage to get the images so clear ,,they are very good indeed

  13. Tinker's Realm says:

    Excuse my above typo-should read Capture not aperture- LoL!!!

  14. Tinker's Realm says:

    Beautiful Series-would love to know what lens set up did you use to apeture this group?

  15. Amazingly clear photos. I can never able to achieve it because the smudges on the plane window tends to give obstruction.


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