One man’s detail is another man’s retouching nightmare

Untitled-1 copy
The editing suite. Maitres du Temps Chapter 2, Nikon D800, 60/2.8 G Micro

At 100% view on a 15″ MacBook Pro, (1440x900px) note the little red box in the navigation pane at top right: this is how much (how little?) of the whole image you can see at once. Let’s just say that retouching takes a lot longer when you’ve got this many pixels, and the product has to look perfectly flawless. I of course have to remove my reflection from the watch crown – you could probably tell what lens I’m using, since the 60/2.8 G has a fairly distinctive front (small element, big vanity plate, no markings). MT


  1. I’m interested in how the retouched detail would look like

  2. Hi Mr Ming. ¿What did happend with the replacement? Nice Photo mac / 60/2.8 / D800

    • Honest answer: it was supposed to come this morning, but Nikon here are doing their annual financial year end stock take, so the warehouse isn’t releasing product. It’s frustrating but I hope to have a camera by end of the week. In the meantime, they loaned me a D3x for wide angle shots, and failing that, there’s always my D700 – it’s not any less of a camera now that the others are out.

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