POTD: Weekend worshippers at the temple of retail

_PM01826 copy
Weekend worshippers at the temple of retail.
Olympus E-PM1 Pen Mini, 45/1.8

Who says the economy is bad? Our (already high as a per capita basis) shopping malls are always packed to the gills on weekends, and still they open more. Note red shirted queue at top right – the malls are such crowd-pullers that Canon stages an annual one-day photography competition set solely in the mall itself. There were at least a thousand people running around with probably $1-2k of gear each – says quite a lot about the state of the photography industry, really. Never has it been so consumer-centric – which is a great thing for variety of equipment, but a disaster for working pros unless you’re well entrenched at the highest end of the spectrum. MT


  1. The title is so true. Great pic. Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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