Inspirations from older cameras: The Panasonic LX3

The Panasonic LX3 was one of what I like to think of as a matured, serious compact – it had a larger sensor with fewer pixels for better dynamic range and low light performance (notice I said ‘better’, not ‘good’). It had a fast and sharp 24-72/2-2.8 equivalent, with variable aspect ratios on a switch; one of the downsides of this piece of glass was the price and unpocketability thanks to the protruding lens barrel, but it was worth it. Great dynamic range for a compact, too, though color accuracy could be somewhat wanting at times.

Enjoy! All images can be clicked on for larger versions, or EXIF information. MT

P1000637 copy

P1000184 copy
Distorted reality

P1000647 copy
Internal facade

P1000769 copy

P1000702 copy
Under the awning

P1000354 copy
Look up

P1000161 copy
Pastel interior

P1000331 copy

P1010272 copy

P1010415 copy

P1000413 copy

P1000142 copy

P1010047bw copy


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