Inspirations from older cameras: The Ricoh GR Digital III

The original Ricoh GR-Digital was a cult camera that was known for two things: its ability to produce interest B&W JPEGs directly out of camera that heavily resembled Tri-X, and it’s incredibly configurable user interface. A fixed 28/2.5 equivalent was just part of the package. To be honest, I never really got along with this camera; I bought it solely because I loved the way it felt, and hardly used it.

Somehow, I found myself finding the 28mm focal length more and more intuitive as I matured as a photographer, to the point where I would see 28mm frame lines around every scene suspended in midair. The ideal compact was therefore an easy choice – I acquired a Ricoh GR-Digital III in early 2010, and used it heavily – occasionally as a primary camera, too. Although it still produces excellent out of camera B&W JPEGs, its sensor has fantastic tonality in both color and monochrome, and conversions are best done in ACR to make the most of the files.

Suffice to say it’s given me a surprisingly large number of keeper and portfolio-grade images over the years. MT

_0010470bw copy
Self portrait

_0010675bw copy
Construction break

_0010881 copy
The Number 15 to Trafalgar Square

_0012640 copy
Inside your watch

_0012141 copy
After the rain

_0011326 copy

_0011792 copy
There is a divergence in the force

_0012572bw copy

_0010122 copy
Chinese New Year

_0011998bw copy

_0012213bw copy

_0010522 copy
Reflections on people


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