Flying as a photographer, redux

_Q116_L1000793 copy

I spend a lot of time on airplanes. Probably too much; even more than when I was a Powerpoint monkey. And in that time, I think I’ve collected enough wisdom and experience that some of you in the audience might find it useful – especially if it isn’t your day job, travelling to shoot is a rare luxury. The last thing you want to have are either nasty surprises with airlines or the anxiety of missed opportunities…so here are a few useful tips.

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Photoessay: Those magnificent men in their flying machines

There’s a magical whimsy about hot air ballooning. It’s always appealed to me because of the silence, grace and intimate connection with your environment that you can’t get from other forms of flying; unfortunately there’s also the issue of complete lack of control over navigation, and the fact that your sole protection from the elements is a wicker basket, and the only thing keeping you from crashing is a thin bag full of gas. But still, I do enjoy watching them fly and very occasionally going up in one myself. MT

Images from a variety of events.

_7013522 copy
Fire. Nikon D700, Zeiss ZF.2 2/28 Distagon

_M8_L1000112 copy
Unhappy at being left behind. Leica M8, 35/2 ASPH

_M8_L1140590 copy
Rising. Leica M8, 35/2 ASPH

_7027148 copy
Watching the show. Nikon D700, 24/1.4

_3100_DSC2009 copy
Evening glow. Nikon D3100, 85/1.4 G

_7027432 copy
High priest saluting the power of fire. Nikon D700, 24/1.4