First anniversary and a milestone

Almost exactly year ago today, two things happened: firstly, I made the decision to quit my corporate day job for full time professional photography (again) and started this site. The first year has seen a rollercoaster of personal highs (exhibitions, recognition, big clients) and challenges (bad clients, wrong clients, mess-ups on my part, rude emails); it wasn’t what I expected, but then again, I really can’t complain.

The blog has been, and I think always will be, a labor of love. I write because I love to write, and because I want to share my images and thoughts with the photographic community. (But, when you do buy gear, please use either my B&H or Amazon affiliate links – it helps me keep to support the site’s operating costs and acquiring gear to review.) As long as it’s practical and I’m able, I’ll do my level best to answer questions and comments – sites have to be a two-way thing in order to grow. Many of my readers have now become good friends, and that’s a huge bonus I never anticipated when I began. I didn’t think I’d shoot film again, much less medium format, but hey – it’s the surprises that keep life interesting, right?

At some point in the last week – I don’t know exactly when, because I busy replying emails about the Leica M 240we passed the 3,000,000 visitor mark. I certainly didn’t expect this within a year – all I can say is an enormous thank you for the support and trust you have in me; I’m humbled and flattered that so many people are interested in what I have to say. In writing for you, I’ve had to deconstruct my own understanding of all aspects of the photographic process, challenge myself to uphold and improve the quality of my images, and in the process, become a better photographer. Again: thank you, and with your continued support, I’m looking forward to an even better 2013! MT

Update: By popular demand, I’m opening up another workshop date for the 2013 New York City Making Outstanding Images tour – Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 April. However, before I change travel plans, I’ll need a minimum of 5 participants to make this a go – please shoot me an email to make a booking or if you have questions. For more information on the workshop, please take a look here. Thanks! MT


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