Photoessay: Slanted II

_PF04198 copy

Assorted scales, assorted perspectives, assorted structures, assorted purposes, assorted locations; the one idea to which all of these images were curated is a sense of tension against regularity and order created by light. The tension is transient and exists for only as long as the shadows stay in place; I admit I’ve become addicted to the heavy sort of shadows that create start new virtual forms that project in odd planes against the regular three dimensions. I like the way areas are thrown into ambiguity, the way the virtual momentarily outweighs the physical and the entire structure becomes something else. Sometimes they are regular, sometimes they aren’t; all the time, the camera and a photographic presentation has the ability to make them more real than real. If you are there for that moment, then the forms are yours alone – come back tomorrow for something different. MT

Shot with various hardware over the last couple of years, mostly processed with The Monochrome Masterclass workflow.

_Z711216 copy

H61C-B0000220 copy

_3503286bw copy

IMG_9075 copy

_PF06598 copy

_3503351 copy

_3503546 copy

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_PF06139 copy

_Z714867 copy

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_PF04023 copy

_PF06606 copy

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Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. If one could trace lineage from Euclid thru Brunelleschi, it would most certainly lead to your door…

    • It might, but then said lineage would probably have an ignoble end 😛

      • LOL! Hardly ignoble… observation, perception and realization is 90% of creation. Much of what we might hold in highest esteem is strictly thoughtful ‘observation’, Darwin, Einstein, Buddha. All good company. 🙂

  2. Alex Carnes says:

    Very nice. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much one can see but not observe! Such is the art of the photographer.

    How’s it going, btw? Are you still locked down or back in business?

    • Thanks. Mostly back in business but with curious restrictions here and there that still heavily restrict what you can actually do…

  3. jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    I’m glad I’ll never be called upon, to judge a photographic competition in which you have multiple entries, Ming!
    Gazing at these photos, I can make a selection for the final cull – but I haven’t the faintest idea which one I would be able to choose as a winner, because the cull includes so many photos that are “clear winners” for differing reasons.
    I guess that just shows up your creativity!

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