Photoessay: A magic hour, part II

_Z730846 copy

Both this and the previous set were shot within a single very productive hour. Though diverse in style, there is some crossover in style and content (expected given the location). To be honest, this kind of productivity is extremely rare; especially given I am by no means new to photography, the subject, or the location and am not trying to ‘check boxes’. I only shoot what I see or find interesting these days; there’s more than enough of my own work and that of others that being repetitive is rather pointless. That said, when one is shooting ‘in flow’ – you lose track of time and everything but what’s in your viewfinder. You remember pretty much every single image you shot, but that total number invariably lands up more than you expect (my total count was about 750 for that hour, pared down to perhaps 40-50 final selects). Those of you who’ve seen my earlier work will see shades of quadrants, Idea of man, wimmelbild and probably some hints of the previous negative-space-heavy photojournalistic style I used prior to this site. If nothing else, you are the sum total of your path-dependent history… MT

This series was shot with a Nikon Z7, the Z 16-50 DX pancake and my custom SOOC picture controls.

_Z730992 copy

_Z730960 copy

_Z730895 copy

_Z730892 copy

_Z730673 copy

_Z730662 copy

_Z730792 copy

_Z730751 copy

_Z730430 copy

_Z730495 copy

_Z730489 copy

_Z730982 copy

_Z730862 copy

_Z730446 copy

_Z730786 copy

_Z730854 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Fabrice Peresse says:

    Dear Ming,
    Congratulations again for this beautiful set of pictures.
    As I understand, you have used an APS-C pancake lens with your Nikon Z7. So you must be getting a cropped image, with I presume a longer focal length equivalent, and much less pixels out of a smaller lens than the Z full frame lenses…
    Could you explain this choice please? Thank you.

    • Simple: size. Yes, it’s a cropped image, but it’s still a pro body with pro controls and the pixel level quality of the Z7 in an overall package that’s M4/3 sized. I no longer need a compact or secondary system.

  2. Nice views

  3. Lothar Adler says:

    The constant quality of your photographs and your productivity is breathtakeing. I constantly wonder, how you select, edit, archive and remember such a load of photos over the years. It’s a miracle to me. Do you use photomechanic which is often praised for these organising duties? Thank you for all this and especially your generosity of sharing your knowledge and insights.

    • Thanks. I just use folders (subject, time period) and Bridge. Not hard to remember because I’ve usually seen each one at least 5 times – at capture, at in camera curation, at import curation, during post processing and then again during filing and backup. There can be a few weeks gap between the start and end of this process, which tends to help.

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