Photoessay: Beached

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Take a visual holiday – a warm, tranquil, high-key break from the usual dense wimmelbild I prefer. Enjoy the varied colours of clouds and sky as they progress through the day. I could probably have shot more, but seen less. I could probably have brought better and more hardware, and felt constrained and less inclined to experiment. I could have not shot at all and just used my phone. But it’s impossible to deny still being a photographer and feeling more comfortable with than without; knowing that even if you’re mentally in switched off mode, you at least still have the option. The regular bustle is far away in the distance. And sometimes, what you produce reflects your mood – and that can be pleasingly refreshing. MT

This series was shot with a Nikon D3500, kit lenses and processed with Photoshop Workflow III.

_3504667 copy

_3504448 copy

_3504433 copy

_3504350 copy

_3504344 copy

_3504419 copy

_3504451 copy

_3504546 copy

_3504675 copy

_3504680 copy

_3504691 copy

_3504702 copy

_3504744 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Wonderful pics as usual, Ming (even on visual holiday)!

    Off topic question on shooting technique I was hoping you could help with: When shooting handheld on a mirrorless camera (let’s assume a slow moving subject), do you prefer back button autofocus or shutter button autofocus? I’m aware of the benefits of back button autofocus on a tripod, but I’m not sure whether those benefits apply to handheld shooting, since one could inadvertently move the camera ever so slightly between pressing the back button and the shutter button, which could throw focus off… I wonder if there is merit to shutter button autofocus in a handheld situation, since you can execute in one swift motion to mitigate that issue. What are your thoughts?

    • I always use shutter button – I prefer not to have an extra thing to train myself to press when working quickly…best to have that habit ingrained regardless of what your subject might be.

  2. Kristian Wannebo says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ming!
    – * –

    Intertwining footsteps on the beach –
    now, after the flood,
    but a memory.

    – * –

    … and then, that last photo … voom, brings me back to civilization-reality.æ

  3. jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    I don’t know if this will be of any interest to anyone reading your bloc, Ming. But I accidentally discovered that the “clarity” function in Affinity Photo does wondrous things to reflections in the surface of water, if you do it twice.

    If you do it once, and hit on the “Filters” item on the dock bar on the top of the screen, it throws up the option of “Repeat Clarity” – and I wasn’t thinking, so I hit it my mistake. It really punched the reflections up!

    You probably don’t do things like that – your photos are perfect “as is”!

  4. Pierre Lagarde says:

    I didn’t comment since a time, but I just wanted to thank you for keeping up your great blog Ming. Inspiring, refreshing and so good for the eyes and mind in this strange period.

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