Photoessay: Urban graphic

_XF10143 copy

I didn’t have long in NYC on my last trip, much less free time to shoot (we were there for the watch company) – but the weather turned out to be binary. Either raining, cold and miserable (a set from that will follow soon, too) – or glorious intense sunshine and the kind of impossibly deep blue skies we never seem to get in the tropics because of the angle of the sun and ambient atmospheric moisture. Even the small interstitial spaces en-route to meetings proved photographically rich; probably a combination of the diversity of visuals, the newness of the environment or perhaps just having hard shadows to work with. Either way, I’m not complaining… MT

This series was shot with a Nikon Z7 (with my custom SOOC JPEG picture controls) and a Fuji XF10 (processed with Workflow III).

_XF10159 copy

_Z726842 copy

_XF10127 copy

_Z727055 copy

_Z726633 copy

_Z726548 copy

_XF10125 copy

_Z726820 copy

_Z725681 copy

_XF10190 copy

_Z726558 copy

_Z726840 copy

_XF10149 copy

_XF10207 copy

_XF10048 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. The first time I saw that top photo my reaction was to dash out and buy a Fuji XF10. Then I came to my senses with the realization, “Wait a minute…the camera didn’t take that picture.”.

  2. Kurt Meier says:

    _X10149 copy: great shoot; strong shadows, out of time and space, Upside-down;
    I see more shadows of people then people it self.
    Did they rest, did the come or did they leave and: where is the photographer?
    Right in the middle? Invisible with the un-camera? (We are talking about that)
    Masterclass; and you can do it even with a Toy cam (at least in terms of usability)

    • People are transient…the places somewhat less so. The more of us there are, the more transient we become…we leave at best a passing whisper or two. How to capture that in an image? It’s tricky.

  3. What a glorious set to wake up to. Thank you Ming.

  4. The hotel on the last image needs to be cleaned. 😉

  5. What focal length for the tall building shots? These are all wonderful. Thanks

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