Photoessay: Quotidian objects, in monochrome

_RX00208 copy

There is nothing special about any of the subjects in today’s images. This is deliberate. Moreover, one recurring theme – my dining table and chairs – I see every day. On the back of the last post, the challenge comes in noticing something new in the quotidian; to that end, every single one of these subjects I’ve seen at least once, more likely dozens of times – or more. The images were shot at different times, in different moods, with different light, and different hardware; what remains consistent are my stylistic choices. I have many images of these subjects with different presentations; but the dominant style tends to be the one shown in this post: contrasty, monochrome, and graphic – but with a little delicacy in texture. They were curated after the fact to both an overarching concept, and a style – not shot specifically with an idea in mind. Though I can and have worked both to a brief and curated to a brief – I prefer the latter because I feel it gives me more room the explore and find the best presentation for the subject, even if I tend towards a single presentation style anyway. MT

This series was shot with mostly a D3500 and kit lens, SOOC JPEG with some Pen F, RX0M2 and iPhone thrown in for variety.

IMG_9510b copy

_3502046 copy

_RX00571 copy

_PF90506 copy

IMG_7447 copy

_3502015 copy

_3502886 copy

_PF06933 copy

_3500366 copy

_3500159 copy

_3503593 copy

_3501982 copy

_3502030 copy

_3502005 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Michiel953 says:

    Or, as they were called when I started reading law at Rotterdam University in 1969: “Res cottidianae”. Learning to attach meaning, legal in that case, to daily, ordinary matters. It shaped my thinking. I was 16.

    Seeing the special in the ordinary (and photographing it) takes a special eye. Thank you MIng for these.

  2. Derrick Pang says:

    always love your shadows shots

  3. Beautiful pictures, you really manage to make your pictures insist on being looked at. Its a great inspiration to me Thank you.

  4. Pierre Lagarde says:

    Same as Bill Walter here + a special mention for the hose for me …

  5. Bill Walter says:

    You certainly have a distinct b&w style. All of these are eye catching and very well done, but my favorites are the bears and the cabinet (next to last one). Happy New Year!


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