Photoessay: Slanted

_3500297 copy

A series of rises and falls today; topology and mountaineering in urban shadow. An energetic, driving baseline as opposed to something more melodic; think EDM over Mozart (not that I listen to either, to be honest). The beat links the frames together across subject and scale, with occasional visual riffs and explorations of a motif but sticking with this same theme. I’ve probably said this somewhere before, but photography (and any visual art) have always been like music to me; a landscape of texture focused one of our senses. Crucially, both have limitations – music is temporal and one-way only; photography has only two dimensions. But both also have the ability to effect a presentation that transcends the limitations of reality by encouraging us to suspend disbelief and just appreciate what’s put in front of us; we can only see what we are shown. MT

This set was mostly shot with a Nikon D3500, 18-55 kit and SOOC JPEG, with a guest appearance from the Z7 and Pen-F.

_3502275 copy

_PF05124 copy

_3502053 copy

_3502040 copy

_3502011 copy

_Z711153 copy

_3500361 copy

_3503031 copy

_3503041 copy

_3503653 copy

_Z717378 copy

_3503554 copy

_3502321 copy

_3502494 copy

_3501965 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Frank Villafane says:

    Great images. Reminds me of the great Fan Ho’s “Into Shadow”. Really enjoy viewing your work.

  2. Dustin Gilbert says:

    And, fantastic images, as always btw.
    To continue with my question, the black and whites, I only saw a setting to set the picture style to monochrome, and no adjustments. So you’re getting these results, from just light conditions and nailing exposure ?

    Again, thank you.

  3. Dustin Gilbert says:

    How do you set up your jpeg settings on the 3500? I just bought one, and it seems like, there’s no control over sharpness, contrast, shadows, etc… I might be missing something.

    Bought one on your recommendation! It’s quite nice to use really.

  4. I love the shadow of the tree, 4th to the bottom.

  5. Great imagery!

  6. Love these. How do you meter for sooc images like these? And is there anything special about how you choose your iso? Many thanks!

  7. Masterful work, as always.

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