Photoessay: Pitlane

_Z717748 copy

A continuation of an earlier post but with the colour removed to focus solely on the homogeneity of the actions of all team members. Fundamentally, there is very little difference in what each team does, but it doesn’t feel that way simply because of the distraction and synchronicity of color and livery. I wasn’t attending on assignment (for a change) and so had the luxury of photographing a little more stream of consciousness and focusing on what was immediately interesting/ outstanding to me… MT

This series was shot with a Nikon Z7, 24-120/4 VR and SOOC with my custom Z7 Picture Control profiles. I elected to go with the 24-120 on the FTZ adaptor instead of the 24-70S and 70-200/4 for a more convenient single lens solution.

_Z717854 copy

_Z717839 copy

_Z717745 copy

_Z717826 copy

_Z717739 copy

_Z717687 copy

_Z717786 copy

_Z717779 copy

_Z717773 copy

_Z717769 copy

_Z717761 copy

_Z717756 copy

_Z717813 copy

_Z717811 copy

_Z717657 copy

_Z717679 copy

_Z717852 copy

_Z717661 copy

_Z717729 copy

_Z717863 copy


Ultraprints from this series are available on request here


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  1. James Allred says:

    First, sending best Birthday wishes. Second, hoping you are fully recovered from your spine issues. As one who has had 5 surgeries so far, I am very sympathetic to those problems. Third, enjoyed your photos from the Blancpain series race. I attended the April event for that series at the Virginia International Raceway and enjoyed the photo opportunities in the pits more than those on the track. Forth, continue to appreciate the education in photography you are providing in your site.

    • Thanks – still having residual spine issues if I get stuck in the same position for too long, but it’s definitely better than last year. 🙂

  2. Kitty Murray says:

    Enjoyed these immensely. We have the F1 Circuit of the Americas. I went there with Fuji USA to test the XT-2 with the 100 – 400. After a few hours I switched to my D500 and 300 PF. Not only was the lighter weight welcomed, but the D500’s buffer scorched the XT2.

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