Photoessay: Mechanical

H61-B1832392 copy

The functional, dirty innards of construction machinery have always fascinated me by simple virtue of the endless textures and colors they offer. More than that, as a subject matter they offer a wealth of compositional possibilities because the ideas ‘work’ all the way from wide-angle-context-in clearly identifiable subject, to highly compressed perspective abstract. On a wider scale the scenes present something perhaps a little different to most viewing audiences, yet familiar enough to not completely alienate; on the other hand, the tight vignettes might be something people working in the industry and with the machines see every day but not necessarily notice. It is of course our challenge to find, isolate and present these…MT

Shot over a long, long period of time with a wide variety of equipment and processed with PS Workflow III.

H51-B0009281 copy

H61-B1832384 copy

_8057523 copy

H51-B0019421 copy

H51-B0019412 copy

H51-B0009701 copy

_8B10321 copy

_8B08447 copy

_8B08942 copy

_8B08765 copy

_8056870 copy

_8B07827 copy


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  1. Art is where you find it / make it.

  2. Interesting colors and strong structure – what’s not to like! Also, these industrial shots affect me in a happy upbeat way – not post apocalyptic at all. Fun to view.

  3. Hey, you been pokin’ around in my garage again? 🙂

  4. Great! I love these. It my favorite of all your subjects.

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