MT’s Scrapbook: Rainbow

_PF02239 copy

Probably not your usual kind of rainbow, but instead some colourful remnants from an intensely bright afternoon (and rather 80s building). The National Science Centre reopened to the public recently but still feels very much like a 1980s attempt at a science-themed activity centre for primary school kids; I suppose its fun if you didn’t notice the rest of the world entering the internet era twenty years ago. Still, at least the building is visually interesting…MT

The Scrapbook series is shot on an Olympus PEN F, with unedited JPEGs straight from camera bar resizing (and of course some choice settings).

_PF02247 copy

_PF02261 copy

_PF02296 copy

_PF02322 copy

_PF02219 copy

_PF02217 copy

_PF02203 copy

_PF02206 copy

_PF02195 copy

_PF02230 copy

_PF02185 copy

_PF02238 copy


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  1. Do you have any additional thoughts (beyond your original review) on the PEN F now that you have been using it for a while? Thanks for publishing the blog. Your photography and blog are excellent resources and a source of inspiration I am sure to many.

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