Drone diaries: slices of green (more from the Mavic 2 Pro)

M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0520 copy

In my previous post I posted a flight report/review/extended test of the new 2018 DJI Mavic 2 Pro, with 1″ Hasselblad L1D-20c camera module. As promised, today’s post contains additional images I shot around Malaysia during the testing and calibration period – and yes, there’s a forest in there. I see a new project (or rather an extension of an old one, with previously inaccessible perspectives) emerging… Enjoy! MT

Shot with the Mavic 2 Pro and processed with PS Workflow III.

M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0525 copy

M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0526 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0560 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0549 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0563 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0542 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0553 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0566 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0578 copy

M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0581 copy

The Mavic 2 Pro is available now at B&H or direct from DJI.

Additional full size samples from the review, for personal use only:
M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0494 M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0523 M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0528 M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0590 M2HS1-07072018-DJI_0547


More info on DJI aircraft can be found here.

More info on Hasselblad cameras and lenses can be found here.


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  1. Could this Mavic Pro be used for photogrammetry and doing this: flying around an object (statue) at different heights and taking pictures at different angle and degrees? Like in, take 36 times a picture every 10° horizontal at 0° horizon, go 20°up and look down to center of object and take 36 frames again…repeat until 90° above object. Could this be done?

    • It can be done, but there’s no provision to do so automatically with the current software (but it is technically possible since there’s object recognition and tracking, along with orbit modes and drawing a flight path etc.)

  2. Thanks a lot Ming. How would the still picture quality in comparion to a 43 type sensor? Would imagine quite closely? (sorry if this question not appropriate, but hopefully fine as only about sensor size in general not about products)

    • It’s pretty close – new 1″ vs older 4/3; time = technological development and often closes the gap significantly. The larger sensor will still pull away at the extremes of DR and sensitivity, but for most parts of the envelope under which you’d fly the Mavic 2 – it’s pretty darn close, if not indistinguishable. This is for stills: it’s hard to make the same comparison for video as the DJI products that video with 4/3 record at much higher data rates (both technological capabilities as much as product tiering).

  3. This is great. I wanted one with 360 degree collision avoidance in this price range. I guess I’m out of excuses not to buy one now 😉
    Off topic: Did Phase One just beat Hassy to the 150MP puch?!?! Whats up with that 😉

  4. Thank you Ming for sharing. They are breathtakingly beautiful as usual! I come to your site everyday just hoping to see your work and learn. They keep me inspired.

  5. Can you show us some shots towards the sun? The P4P had some lens flare issues,…

    • M2HS1-07052018-DJI_0526 copy

      Not quite directly into the sun but it was just above the upper left corner. My controller was an early prototype and isn’t working the moment, so unfortunately I have no way to use it until the replacement arrives…

  6. Is there a chance to download DNG files for those photos? Or at least for the most challenging photos so we could look at it in LR on our own?

    • Not for the moment as my aircraft was flying preproduction firmware, which makes the files not quite representative (corrections to files to represent final had to be applied afterwards).

  7. Phenomenal. Yes, I know it’s still the photographer, not the camera. The Ming, not the thing. But that little capsule with its one inch sensor and the associated circuitry lurking in the drone body looks like the leading edge of an evolutionary breakthrough.

  8. such interesting shots

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