Boxing day sale: 50% off all videos at the Teaching Store – Final call: ENDS 21 JAN

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Firstly, we hope all our celebrating readers enjoyed a good Christmas with their families – and may there have been a photographic toy or two under the tree for you. If not, and even if there was, we’re celebrating here in the tradition of retailers worldwide and offering you a crazy boxing day discount on all workshop videos at our Teaching Store: 50% off the total amount for all purchases over US$100 – so now’s the time to fill out your collection. This applies to single videos (not bundles – though adding singles with the coupon will result in significantly more discount anyway 🙂. Use the code XMAS2017 at checkout – but please note there are a limited number of vouchers. Enjoy! MT


  1. Oh no I totally missed this! ): is there another sale coming soon?

  2. Dear Ming, which courses do you recommend if I’m shooting a Leica M8 and Leica Q and shoot primarily travel, family and portraiture? Thank you.

    • Try T1: Travel Photography to start; we don’t explicitly cover subject specifics or camera specifics because composition is independent of hardware, and all of the fundamentals apply to all subjects (quality of light, subject isolation, balance etc.) – that would be the Making Outstanding Images series.

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