NEW: The Mirrorless Bag, and the Travel Duffel

_8B41489 copy
L-R, for relative size: Mirrorless Bag, a very well used Ultimate Daybag Mark I prototype, Travel duffel (folded)

Today is my birthday, and in the tradition of this site – I’ve got an announcement to make. We’ve teamed up with bespoke UK bag makers Frankie Falcon for a second round: firstly, by popular demand, there’s the Mirrorless Bagwhich is an improved and smaller version of the Ultimate Daybag Mark I. Next, a little surprise: the folding Travel Duffel. We have stock ready to ship immediately of both bags (Update, 21/7: Sold out, but back in stock end of next week) and both products will be ongoing stock items for now (not limited for the time being, though of course nothing lasts forever), and future additions will go up here, on the Bag Store. We have also resolved prior shipping issues – back to good old Royal Mail. Click on after the jump for more details on each bag.

_8B41434 copy
NEW: The Mirrorless Bag (click for details, and to order)

_8B41544 copy
NEW: The folding Travel Duffel (click for details, and to order)


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  1. Michael Fleischer says:

    Hi Ming, received the mirrorless bag very fast on July 21st…; -). A very nice bag indeed, cool looks & more spacious than expected. Highly recommendable.

  2. William Fung says:

    Received the Mirrorless Bag today. Great job! As I also own the Ultimate Daybag, it is natural to compare the two. Agree that the Mirrorless Bag is more complex to manufacture. The improvements that I like most are the neoprene elastic pockets on the inside which make the bag more flexible and the sprung rotating clasp for faster assess. However, a bit sad on the missing of the Ming Thein x Frankie Falcon badge on the inside top cover which is the iconic symbol of the Ultimate Daybag. Now, only a very low profile MT FF engraving on the two sides of the bag 😒

  3. Heng Liang Tan says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ming!

    Will the Mirrorless Bag fit an OM-D EM-1 mark 1 with 12-40 f2.8 lens, a 40-150 f2.8 lens and still have space for some filters and a polariser?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Ming, how are the inside measures of the mirrorless bag? Will it fit an EM1II with the 12-100 f4 attached with some room left for smaller lenses? And will it only fit vertically or also lying down on the bottom? Thank you 🙂

    • Yes, it’ll fit an EM1.2 with the 12-100 attached – vertically, and lying down on the bottom if you remove the divider. Inner dimensions are ~21x17x11cm, +/- a bit because the material is obviously soft. 🙂

  5. Nice product!

  6. Thomas Turnbull says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Ming! May this year be one of the very best for you and yours…

    Bags look great. Any chance that you all could make the mirrorless bag able to accommodate one of Apple’s new 10″ iPad Pros?

    • Thanks!

      The mirrorless bag would have to be almost the size of the original Ultimate Daybag to take a full size iPad – which kinda defeats the point of small. There will probably be a Mark II Ultimate Daybag later in the year though.

  7. Kenneth Voigt says:

    the stitching on the edges of the 2nd pic (with Lumix) look a trifle erratic; otherwise, love it.

  8. Frans Richard says:

    Happy birthday Ming! 🙂
    Mirrorless bag looks really nice. Would it hold 2 OM-D E-M10s with lenses attached (one medium sized tele and one wide angle) plus one or two primes and some spare batteries?

  9. HBD Ming! The mirrorless bag looks good, I’ll make a mental note for future needs…

  10. Happy Birthday,
    I think Frankie Faclcon should hire you to update their profile photos!!!
    Would this bad work to hold D610 plus few lenses?
    Is there a plan to make the bigger bag available again?

    • Oddly we never talked about that – whenever we meet it’s always about new products!

      The small bag will hold a D610 and perhaps two medium lenses at most. Big bag – looking into an update; if there is one it’ll be end of the year.

  11. Kristian Wannebo says:

    Hjärtliga Gratulationer på Födelsedagen, Ming,
    och ett
    Gott Nytt LevnadsÅr !

  12. Happy Birthday Ming! Much good health, prosperity and happiness in the year ahead.

  13. Hugh Rigley says:

    Happy Birthday Ming and many thanks for this most informative and entertaining of blogs.

  14. Happy Birthday, Ming!

  15. Stephen Syrotiak says:

    Happy birthday!! w/many more to come.

  16. Happy birthday Ming!
    Congratulations on your new function @ Hasselblad!
    Nice to see your creativity seems to get a boost out of it, if ever that was even possible…

  17. nice

  18. Happy Birthday Ming, wishing you an enjoyable day with family, friends and photographs. Oh, the bags look very nice too – thank you for taking the time to develop them for this community.

  19. +1.HPYBDY, Ming!

  20. Happy Birthday!! I see you treated yourself to the 15 1.7… nice 😉 Will we see a little set from the Lumix anytime soon? Maybe some Birthday celebration shots? Have an awesome day!

  21. Terry B says:

    Another year, and long may you prosper. Many Happy Returns of the day, Ming.

  22. MarcoSartoriPhoto says:

    Enjoy your day Ming! Happy birthday and a lot of happiness!

  23. Richard says:

    Happy birthday and many happy returns Ming!

  24. Happy Birthday, Ming!

    And btw., the details/order link doesn’t work 😉

  25. Michael Fleischer says:

    Hello Ming – best wishes on your birthday! I have already placed an order for “your birthday parcel” `:); The mirrorless bag. Looks like a great high quality bag – I guess it can be used with a small Dx camera + 2 small lenses as well! Ps…any chance of a daybag mark ll in the future?

  26. Happy birthday Ming and all the best wishes for the year ahead.

  27. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Ming!

  28. Gerner Christensen says:

    Happy Birthday Ming 🙂

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