Photoessay: Prague singles

H51-B0015299 copy
Now, things get serious.

Inevitably, at the end of the curation process for a trip or assignment or shoot session – you’re left with a selection of images that doesn’t really fit any single coherent theme, but can stand alone individually and you’re perhaps a bit too emotionally attached to to throw away. They’re the kind of thing you shoot when you’re observing passively but perhaps not in full themed photographic attack mode. I haven’t thought of a good way of presenting these yet; the traditional photoessay structure doesn’t quite work, and there isn’t really that much to discuss with a single image in a post – I’d almost argue that if something requires that much text explanation, it isn’t a strong image in itself (or is exceptional, and those probably merit their own discussions). So – titles and all – here are a few single shot stories from Prague. MT

This series was shot with a Hasselblad H5D-50C and H6D-50C, various lenses and post processed with Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow III. You too may visit Prague vicariously with T1: Travel Photography.

H51-B0017954 copy
Another kind of (alien) invasion

H51-B0016951 copy

H51-B0016435 copy
Missing the big picture I

H61-B0000098 copy
Missing the big picture II

H61-B0000175 copy
Public transport jam

H61-B0000133 copy
Solo fortification

H51-B0018126 copy
Standing for the people

H51-B0018395 copy
Restrained celebrations…

H51-B0016989 copy
…Ah, what the hell!

H51-B0016896 copy
Santa’s day off

H51-B0015826 copy
Feeling like the only one

H51-B0018120 copy
The barrier

H51-B0014728 copy


Ultraprints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Joseph Kashi says:

    Some exceptionally nice photos of Prague but, really, a split infinitive from an Oxford man?? . I must say that some of the images remind me of the early scenes in the original BBC Tinker, Tailor mini-series

  2. The picture Departure is a great idea… when the plane is turning getting ready for the big ascent…
    I luv it

  3. Wonderful images! Travel scares me now. There are so many people everywhere. Actually Ming, you are probably used to that, living in the “far” east. People taking their vacations in the summer months and the baby boomers in either Spring or Fall. That leaves a few winter months with some elbow room but usually colder weather.
    If we are after good photos, the weather doesn’t matter. However, if we also want a vacation ( with the wife ), it’s not so good. I take two 3 week vacations a year and every year it gets worse!

    • Thanks – it scares me too, but more because of the inevitably bad airport experience.

      Oddly, it seems everybody travels so much nobody is left at home…

  4. Michael Fleischer says:

    Lovely surreal and somehow arrested sense of the end of an era….the levitating umbrellas seems more free than people although also trapped!. Great colour palette and timing.

    • Thank you – life is often full of odd contradictions. Some of the poorest places I’ve been to have the happiest and least restrained people…conversely, some of the wealthiest have the most miserable and unfriendly wretches you can imagine.

  5. Rick L Barton says:

    I always enjoy seeing your shared images Ming, their filled with character & depth, I continue to learn from them.

  6. Felix Leyer says:

    How can anyone think of taking the last pic with the name “departures”? Very witty, very extrordinary – I love it!

    • Thanks – another one of those lucky moments as the aircraft was on a steep bank on final approach, hence the rather unusual view…

  7. Really like the Umbrellas!

  8. I spent 3 months in Prague before I ever got into photography. There were even several days when I was bored, just wandering around the city with nothing to do. Thinking about all the photo opportunities I missed makes me want to kick myself. Nice shots, as always. I imagine it’s tough to blend in there with a Hasselblad.

    • Look at it as life experienced without the burden of having to photograph it 🙂 The hasselblad isn’t that conspicuous; it’s always down to how you move as the shooter…

  9. Love the implementation of people in your photos, gives it a good sense of life!

  10. Beautifull pics !!!

  11. jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Great photos (as always 🙂 ), thanks, Ming


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