Photoessay: Hard edges

100D_MG_1094 copy

Today’s series is a visual evolution of monochrome geometry and form interpreted from hard architectural shadows in an urban context. Some light is harder than others; some shadows curved in a more pronounced way; sometimes organic elements intrude – including people. It’s a deliberately stark choice of style for a rather stark subject, I think. MT

This series was shot with various cameras and lenses including a Canon 100D, Hasselblad 501CM/CVF-50c and H5D-50C, and H6D-50c, various lenses and post processed with The Monochrome Masterclass workflow.

H51-B0010692 copy

H51-B0010689 copy

100D_MG_1789 copy

AB0001028 copy

H51-B0010751 copy

H51-B0010669 copy

100D_MG_1448 copy

H51-B0010739 copy

100D_MG_1190 copy

100D_MG_1743 copy

100D_MG_1749 copy


Ultraprints from this series are available on request here


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  1. thank you, this has been an inspiration. I was recently to a funeral and was awe struck by how the arhitecture played and controlled the infalling light with well placed windows and reflecting surfaces. I’m glad to see what can be done on this theme amongst your photos in this essay.

  2. Hi Ming, Great writing–clear and full of depth.I wish you offered a writing course,too.
    quick ?: what camera has the best photo/video under 2K? Probably use it for video whilst traveling.
    I am looking at em-1 markii or gh5. I have a gh3 for video use. Is that suffice or time for an upgrade?

    • Thanks – writing is something I do just for me.

      Biggest upgrade from the GH3 which either camera will provide is IBIS and the ability to do much nicer handheld work without external stabilisers…I like the EM1.2 personally, but if you’ve already got a GH3, the GH5 makes more sense from an ergonomic/control/workflow standpoint.

      • Hi Ming, So for the amateur that likes to video whilst trave, would say the oly em1.2 is comparable or discernible difference video-wise with the gh5?
        what great value lens would you pair with the camera body to video street scenes, one that won’t require me to sell a kidney?

        • The GH5’s video has more latitude because you get log gamma output; the Olympus is pretty darn good though.

          Lens: depends on your style/ preferences. The f1.7s (Panasonic) or f1.8s (Olympus) are pretty good.

          • Hi Ming, I have the oly pen f.
            But still stuck on deciding on 2nd camera for travel purposes/cat and food videos on youtube , probable usage 50%-50% stills and video, Which would you choose-gh5 or oly olmd em1 markii?

  3. Lovely set Ming. Off topic question; now that Robin has joined you, are there any significant changes coming to the site or just the occasional post.

    • Thanks – no major changes other than a split posting load (won’t be strictly alternate as this doesn’t suit the editorial schedule). To provide variety of content and ease the load for both of us in terms of maintaining an audience…

  4. Masterfull! I actually love all of them!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. very good reflection.

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