Photoessay: Urbanscapes and details, Prague

H61-B0000212 copy

Just a few urban vignettes from Prague for today’s post; for the most part, they have a warm, summery mood (albeit shot towards the end of autumn), though you may find a few exceptions. Despite having visited and shot here in every season, I personally find the city really only ever has two moods – gloomy, wintery and very Soviet-bloc Eastern Europe, or warm and bohemian, and dare I say it, just a little quirky and fun. Both have their charms. Of late there’s been this odd giant theme park feel about the place, probably not helped by the massive influx of visitors. I think that must have been kicking around in my subconscious when I shot the first two images – at least that’s the only explanation I have for the inclusion of slightly incongruous foreground and the great wall… MT

This series was shot with a Hasselblad H5D-50C and H6D-50C, various lenses and post processed with Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow III. You can also travel to Prague vicariously with T1: Travel Photography.

H61-B0000125 copy

H61-B0000186 copy

H51-B0015719 copy

H51-B0017056 copy

H51-B0017251 copy

H51-B0017088 copy

H51-B0016359 copy

H51-B0014863 copy

H51-B0016369 copy

H51-B0017259 copy


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  1. so beautiful !!

  2. Said AZIZI says:

    You covered Prague intensively, time for Paris or Florence maybe ? 🙂

  3. Said AZIZI says:

    I remember being at the location of the fifth photo, it was a nightmare to photograph as i remember. The church tops were huge and close and looked off at every picture. Probably best shot with a ts lens.

    Great photos !

  4. Wonderful photographs! I always appreciate your vision and how you find order and patterns in the midst of chaos. I particularly enjoy the third to last one; I love how you match the organic “roundness” of the garden with the lines and corners of the architecture.

  5. very beautiful set!

  6. Prague looks so beautiful 😍

  7. very nice pics !!!

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