Photoessay: Reflections on Prague

H51-B0016797 copy

Today’s series of images is both literal, and not – what’s there is clearly defined, but what’s clearly defined is the product of a little optics and imagination. I’m always drawn to these kinds of subjects because they’re both not literal or ordinary, and of course use the best strengths of the photographic nature of rendering to produce something visually unique. That, and there’s a large amount of information and layering in here which creates a recursive wimmelbild of sorts. One practical note on execution: you need the right balance of luminance between actual subject and reflected subject, plus the correct alignment of reflecting surfaces – it’s not always so easy to find…enjoy! MT

This series was shot with a Hasselblad H5D-50C and H6D-50C, various lenses and post processed with Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow III.

H51-B0015289 copy

H51-B0015887 copy

H51-B0016748 copy

H51-B0015926 copy

H61-B0000276 copy

H51-B0018167 copy

H61-B0000057 copy

H51-B0015724 copy

H51-B0018347 copy

H51-B0015684 copy


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  1. Michael Fleischer says:

    Great colours, very present and alive feeling & fantastic play with folding/unfolding of “reflective reality”. And sublime balances of all kinds.

  2. richard majchrzak says:


  3. stunnish !!!

  4. Lovely series.

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