Last day left to order the ultimate photographers’ daybag

100D_MG_1083 copy

Quick update: the first batch of orders went out last late last week. Thank you to all for the strong support so far; there were far more orders than planned for, though we do expect to still ship everything by the end of November.

Please note that we’ll be closing the order book for the ultimate photographers’ daybag – designed by me, handmade in England by Frankie Falcon – tomorrow night. So, this is your final chance – please get your orders in here if you’d like one. 🙂 Thanks! MT

Some images of the first and second batches coming together at the workshop care of FF after the break.









  1. Hello Everyone. I have a new Daybag that I purchased during Ming’s original run. It is every bit as nice as the post and comments indicate; unfortunately, it did not fit my gear and therefore not me. I am doing a new year’s clean out; would be happy to sell for $175 plus shipping. The bag is unused in pristine condition. If interested please send PM.

    Thank you and best wishes for a great 2020!

  2. Just got it today 😊. Had some problems with the dispatcher, but Andrew from Francifalcon helped out quickly.
    The bag looks gorgeous and will get a real live test this weekend.

  3. I missed the boat, any available stocks for me to pickup locally? (I live in KL). Do PM me , don’t mind a used or prototype…

  4. david wootton says:

    Safely arrived in good time. Beautifully made. I’m delighted with it. The real test of course is using it — I’m hoping it will be the bag that replaces all others!

  5. Ordered one in mid October. Any info on delivery time of the next batch?

    • We’re about a third of the way through and on course to ship everything by last week of November or first week of December. Without knowing your name or email address used to order, I have no way of being more precise than that…sorry!

  6. Such a pleasure to see the production of those fine handcrafted bags!
    On a related note, I am really enjoying your workers & industry B&W series.

  7. FatherRaphael Abraham says:

    Dear Ming

    Its bee a while. In the mean time, I purchased a Sony a7 and I am very happy with it. First, however, let me go back almost 50 years ago when I started photography. Zeiss lenses were praised for the ability to reproduce more shades of gray between black and white than many lenses. How valid the statement I do not know. Nevertheless, although it may be my imagination, it seems that although I see more detail in my large sensor Sony, my Ricoh GR appears to reproduce an even broader range of shades. What do you think?


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