Photoessay: last of the Nilgiris landscapes

B0001075 copy

Last of the Indian landscapes shot in the Nilgiris mountains around Ooty and Coonoor for today. They are standalones and I think actually work as a single set to demonstrate the diversity of the region – everything from untouched virgin forest to a hybrid cultvation of tea bushes to a little entropy and human evidence in the margins. Enjoy! MT

Except for one image, this series was shot with a Hasselblad 501CM, CFV-50C and mostly the CF 4/150.

B0001281 copy

B0001630 copy

B0001743 copy

B0001722 copy

B0001172 copy

_Q116_L1100472 copy

B0001682 copy

B0001508 copy


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  1. Junaid Rahim says:

    Really like the starry nights shot and the second to last one – I’m a big fan of hazy landscapes.

  2. Philip Brindle says:

    Ming, I am always inspired by your city and architecture images, they are amazing and I have learned so much by studying your style. But sorry to say, I find your landscape work rather boring to say the least. However, that’s just my opinion. Stay in the city, that’s where you do your best work…

    • Knut Kampe says:

      I disagree firmly. All of these pictures have a very specific atmosphere. I loved delving in them. Constructive criticism should be specific. Not a ventilation of unreflected feelings. There is more to lanscape photography than the number of “likes” one collects on some platforms for the prettiest mainstream shot.

      • Well, there aren’t any right or wrong opinions – photography is highly subjective after all – but I do agree, it would be nice to know why. 🙂

      • Philip Arthur Brindle says:

        Mr. Kampe, maybe you should review the whole series on fliker… For sure there are many ‘views’, a few ‘faves’, but not too many comments. Every time we press the shutter button it does not mean we will get a keeper that everyone will like, even if Ming is behind the camera. Some people will like our work and some people will not, but it does not mean we have to write an essay reply explaining why we might think an image is boring. Such a comment would make me think about what I am doing and I would evaluate my work, not that I don’t now. We can’t be all things, and not everyone will like our work, but so what. Go take some pictures and don’t worry so much…

    • Well, thanks for your opinion. I’m also going to suggest that most of the effect is lost at web size. Uniform subjects don’t lose that much in downsizing, but fractal ones do.

  3. Sometimes all I think I need to take great pictures like you is to upgrade my camera and lens. 😉

  4. Nice photo.
    It looks to me some of them are taken with the sun high in the sky, not in was it is considered by many photographer the best time,mother golden hours.

  5. Hi Ming Thein
    Superb photo series captured with the Cfv50c.
    I have the cfv50c with 503cx, I am struggling in getting accurate focusing when shooting with the H1 or PME 31 prism. Any advice on how to improve or overcome it.


    • It sounds like your focusing screen is out of calibration with the back; it will have to go back to the factory to have everything properly aligned.

  6. great post.

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