Photoessay: Non Sequitur

B0001596 copy

And for something a little different today: the images do not follow in any particular sequence, nor do the contents of the images themselves make a story that makes any kind of immediate sense – this is of course deliberate. There is a narrative here, but I think it’s an extreme example of the message being far more dependent on the interpretation of the audience than the presentation of the photographer – so I shall leave these images without titles (probably much to the great relief of half the audience). If the images make too much sense, look closer – and form your own conclusions… MT

This series was shot with a Leica Q, Hasselblad 501CM, CFV-50C digital back, various lenses, and post processed with Photoshop Workflow II.

B0001801 copy

B0001219 copy

B0001886 copy

B0001063 copy

_Q116_L1100444 copy

B0001988 copy

B0001746 copy

B0001488 copy

_Q116_L1100393 copy

B0001553 copy


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  1. Kristian Wannebo says:

    Bits of black and white normality in a strange and weird coloured world..

    Reality is mostly stranger than fiction..


  2. Anatoly says:

    ALL images are excellent!
    A lot of emotions and atmosphere.

  3. Bill Walter says:

    Some very interesting shots here, but the one that stands out for me is the next to last one, the b&w with the trees and the fog. A very impressive capture! Looks like this could have been taken with the Ricoh GR?

  4. Both of b/w photos are superb!

  5. frozenfountainpen says:

    Beautiful! You took some really diverse photos while keeping a consistent tone throughout. Personally, I struggle with that in photo essays, so kudos to you.


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