Last call…(UPDATED – server fixed)

4th anniv bundle badge

We’re nearly out of vouchers for the anniversary sale – there are a few more coupons left, so if you would like to take advantage of the birthday sale, now’s the time ๐Ÿ™‚ The offer ends once we hit the magic number…

Update (14:55 GMT+8): there was a small hiccup with the server this morning preventing the code from working that’s now been resolved, and there are still a couple of coupons left.

In the interests of the site’s original goal of furthering photographic education – which I think I’ve made inroads into with the 1,150 articles published here – we’re offering a special sale on the core six-vide Making Outstanding Images video series (D: Fundamentals, Ep. 1-5). The normal price for the set is $412; it is now 40% off at $247. Just add the D, E1-5 videos to your cart and use the voucher code 40OFF4YEARS at checkout; there are a small and limited number of vouchers. Proceeds go towards a) educating you photographically; b) keeping the site running and c) making more videos. Please note that this offer is a standalone and not valid with other video bundles.

Thanks for your support! MT


  1. Is the deal still going on?

  2. kwok on li says:

    I tried to downlaod videos I purchased. However, my computer has warned that the website is unsafe and cannot be reached. Please do something so that I can download the videos.

  3. Li Kwok On says:

    I just purchased the videos. By what ways I will receive the videos?

    • Hi Jackie, they’re sent automatically and immediately to your email address – there was a typo in the address you registered with compared to your paypal address, so you probably did not receive them. We’ve resent the email, so let us know if you still haven’t got it…

  4. Lachlan says:

    Successful transaction – thank you!

  5. Wayne S. says:

    Ming, I am trying to buy this special deal but the site won’t create a new account saying my email address is not valid.Help!

    • Wayne S. says:

      Got it to accept my email address, first letter must be upper case only to work. So it went through fine and got the 4 yr discount, thank you! Look forward to viewing all of them soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lachlan says:

    2:35pm Malaysia time on 8 March and the voucher seems to have expired. Too late?

  7. Michael Demeyer says:

    Ming, I already have E4 and E5 (bought along with Monochrome Masterclass). Found those very useful. Interested in the others, but the deal doesn’t work for me since I already have E4 and E5. Any suggestions? Michael

  8. Hello!

    Any chance of extending the voucher please? I tried checking out and received an error message that the voucher has expired..


  9. says:


    I just received your email and I attempted to purchase the videos but it said the vouchers didn’t work Is the sale over?

    Thank you


    Sent from my iPad


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