Photoessay: Monochromes from Luzern

_5R02090 copy

Escaping boxes

Today I present a small selection of black and white images from a lazy afternoon in Luzern, Switzerland – there was definitely a feeling of summer malaise amongst both visitors and tourists, and even the hardware felt like it was taking a day off. All in all, not a bad way to decompress after an assignment. I went out with a very lightweight kit (especially after said previous assignment) of just the 5DSR, 40 STM and Leica Q; landed up reading a book by the lake in the company of a rather good Hoyo Des Dieux and actually relaxing a bit for a change. Despite that, if you’re a photographer in a foreign city, there’s simply no way you’re not going to take photographs of any sort even if you need a breather from taking photographs – such is the nature of obsession I guess. Enjoy! MT This series was shot with a Canon 5DSR, 40 STM, Leica Q 116 and processed with the Monochrome Masterclass ‘balanced’ workflow. _5R02312 copy
Boats on vacation

_5R02282 copy

Installation art by day, bar by night

_5R01881 copy
Drink after shopping

_5R01868 copy


_5R02493 copy

_5R02426 copy


_5R01782 copy
Enjoying a dip

_5R01985 copy


_5R01808 copy
An hour before, or an hour later I

_5R01855 copy

An hour before, or an hour later II

_Q116_L1020342 copy
Homeward I

_Q116_L1020314 copy
Homeward II


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  1. Dieter Kief says:

    Ahh Ming – “peeking” seems to have a funny way with light. Light from erverywhere. Looks a little otherworldly! Did you do something with the brightness of the positive? Brighten it partly (a bit to the middle on the lower lefthand side of the big tree)? Or is there a big mirror in the neighborhood that s p e n d s this sort of fancy lighting (mirrored five-story store or something like that). Or is it just one of these moments in space & time that make taking photos so adventurous? Just curious –

    – yours truly from the Lake (of Constance) Nearby (Luzerne) – –

    Dieter Kief

  2. Yes, Ming can you now post some of your Otus 28/1.4 images so we can see what this beauty can do in a Master’s capable hands?
    Rumor has it that you have one! 🙂 Your favorite focal length!

    • I do have one, but there are still some tweaks being made so the optics are not 100% final. Even so, I can say (unsurprisingly) it will be the reference lens in that range…

  3. @Ming Thein:
    Did you see the Press Release bei Zeiss?

    They just presented the new OTUS 28mm f/1.4
    I instantly thought of you and am pretty sure that this will be a Must-Have for you, no?

  4. Hey Ming, all your photo look the same-fabulous. And it does not matter what camera you use. How do you manage to get the constant Ming Thein look?

  5. tunisiaxxx says:

    Hi Ming,
    Beautiful photos especially like the canon ones. Speaking of which, was the 5dsr hand held and did you use the zacuto or just rely on the canon optical viewfinder? If so, the shots are that more remarkable. Thanks.

    • Thanks Joe. All of these were handheld – more than enough light for 40mm (and by f5.6 almost everything is in focus at those subject distances anyway 🙂

  6. Really like a lot of these 5DsR B&W images! How did you find the 5DsR files for B&W processing?
    Favorites are Overleaf and Boats on Vacation and …Hour Later 2.

    • They’re pretty good if you get the exposure right – not as tonally smooth as the D810 because of lower dynamic range, but still very serviceable. Good if you like punchy monos.

  7. Gerner Christensen says:

    Thanks again Ming service visual food during the morning coffee ritual. Love ‘Boats on vacation’ and ‘Homeward I + II’. Pity we didn’t meet up there as planned, so we have to catch up 🙂

  8. Come on Ming, smoking a Hoyo in Lucern?! Hope you did not miss a Brezel and a homebrewed beer… Nice pictures as always!

  9. nice views. so very different from how I recall Luzern. My mind is full of greens and blues…

  10. Wonderful images. Looks like the two lense setup worked well

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