Photoessay: Praghitecture

_8B16657 copy
Predawn rooftops I

Today’s photoessay are a selection of buildings from Prague in a mix of styles I’d consider to be somewhere between modern European and ‘restored classical’. I think the Czech Republic manages to strike a good balance between keeping the bones of history intact, modernising it to fit current needs and creating something new – there are exceptions, of course (one of which you will see in this photoessay). I could have spent a lot of time shooting nothing but architecture here – I had teaching obligations so I didn’t, but you get the idea…MT

This series was shot with a Nikon D810, 24/3.5 PCE, 24-120/4 VR, Zeiss Otus 85 and Voigtlander 180/4 APO and postprocessed with Photoshop Workflow II.

_8B16663 copy
Predawn rooftops II

_8B21155 copy
Kafka Museum-henge

_8B21005 copy
No landing

_8B16494 copy
Red details

_8B19362 copy
Below the line

_8B20516 copy
Painted lady reflection I

_8B17042 copy
Painted lady reflection II

_8B16501 copy
Rooftops by day

_8B16760 copy
Out of time and place

_8B16814 copy
Escape from the spires

_8B17639 copy
Endless grind

_8B17646 copy
Before bed

_8B18562 copy
In the round – due to many requests, this will be available as a 16×12″ Ultraprint in an edition of 20- I will announce the details in the next day or so…


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Images and content copyright Ming Thein | 2012 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. I keep coming back to Predawn rooftops I. There is just something about those soft, subtle colors combined with the contrasting lines of the rain gutters and windows that really speaks to me.

  2. kenneth voigt says:

    Do you know what the graffiti structure in “Out of time and place” is ?

  3. Really beautiful Ming. I have a beginner question. For In the Round to you crop to 16X12 or do you resize the file. ( I pressumed from the D810 )

  4. Beautiful set. Stirs me to try making more images, but plenty of enjoyment viewing yours in the meanwhile.

  5. Richard P. says:

    Hi Ming, you have managed to perfectly capture my favorite sky colors in both “Predawns”. I love that special color cast that it puts on all things in the image. That color/light just seems to announce a hopefulness that each lovely, new morning brings. Thanks Richard.

  6. Gerner Christensen says:

    Those lovely memories of Prague just get strongly amplified by seeing all these compositions and their magic. What a city and how exciting and beautiful a presentation Ming.

  7. Loved “Before Bed”!!

  8. I will have to be alert for the announcement on the offering for In the Round!

  9. Excellent. I’d know they were yours even without the black borders – all verticals straight to 0.00000001 deg.! 😉 Nice work. Did “Predawn rooftops I” really look that pink though?

    • Yes it did, which was hat surprised me enough to shoot it in the first place… 🙂

      • Alex Carnes says:

        I’d’ve had a go at it too! I really like your architectural shots, that ultra straight and true style of yours is very distinctive. 🙂

  10. pragulicious!!!!
    nothing escapes your eyes of a hawk, sifu ;).
    wishing you a good weekend.

  11. Tony Smallman says:

    Fabulous pre-dawn shot,love the balance of the composition and the pink tinge.

  12. Olivier says:

    They really look amazing. I particularly like the ones at night and dawn, they look so authentic and believable. Most shadows are extremely dark as they should, yet they still have some definition, even in “Escape form the spires” and the highlights are perfectly exposed. Chiaroscuro comes to mind.

  13. Wonderful images as always! Hard to pick a favourite from this set.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing a day in Prague – how special. My mum and dad recently visited but I’ve yet to make the journey there.

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