Photoessay: small humans, Prague

_8B20968 copy
The underlying economy

In today’s photoessay, the people of Prague play a secondary role in the proceedings: they are there to provide a sense of scale and a little humanisation to the various urban tableaux. The idea behind this series is that whilst people usually take centre stage, even in a very established human-scale city* they eventually play second fiddle to the spectacle of the environment around them. Ironically, even though we created the environment to serve us, it has outlasted us and in some ways rendered us merely transient. I have thus shrunken the people accordingly. Enjoy!

*Unlike very large modern cities like say, New York

This series was shot with a Nikon D810, 24-120/4 VR, Ricoh GR and Zeiss Otus 1.4/55 and processed with Photoshop Workflow II.

_G010031 copy
Trains contain people

_8B21965 copy
Untitled 1

_8B21701 copy
Stuck in the cooler

_8B21424 copy
No space for me

_8B17832 copy
There is more than one Manneken Pis in Prague

_8B17046 copy
Untitled 2

_8B17292 copy

_8B17067 copy
The birds are always watching

_8B17813 copy


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  1. Lucy March says:

    Seeing more great images by Ming — what a wonderful and inspiring note on which to leave for my own trip today. Thanks!

  2. Ming,

    I have a question regarding your first photo in B&W. To me it seems very gray, no blacks or whites and actually very little gradations of gray. I know you are a master at B&W and I am curious as to why you did this.


  3. Your love of Prague comes through!

  4. Thanks for taking me back to the wonderful Prague. Stalker .. the selfie there .. is just so wonderful 🙂

    • Totally Gerner, brings back the fun times! Still remember freezing my ass off on that bridge with Ming!

      • But it was totally worth it! The more one shoots, the tighter one curates…the lower the hit rate is. Two in one evening ain’t bad at all 🙂

    • 🙂 I feel like Prague is one of the places I’m nowhere near done with. I’ll have to go back…

  5. Ming,

    Wonderful images! Really enjoyed them. – Eric

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