Mini-photoessay: Czech minimalist interlude

_8B21656 copy

Inner fire

In the spirit of the subject and post, no words today. All images are available as Ultraprints on request; please shoot me an email if you’re interested. Enjoy! MT

_8B21474 copy

The fiddler

_8B21109 copy


_8B21911 copy


_8B21386 copy

The watcher

_8B18227 copy



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  1. All are good, but the first shot and the fiddler are exceptional. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy your photography.

  2. Ming I love all of these, but the one that stands above them all is the first, most folk would not see the interplay of colour, light, texture and structure, that my friend is why I love to drop by and stay awhile.

  3. well done! I really like the first photo. something about it has a calming effect on me.

  4. Hi Ming, great, clean shots and intriguing titles as usual. Can i ask you something. Looking at “the fiddler”. If it were my shot I’d have thought about cloning out the inspection hatch and pipe cap from the wall. DId you consider this and why did you leave them untouched?

    • I don’t clone out things that don’t have to be cloned out; life isn’t ‘clean’ in reality anyway. The bits on the wall also help to fill in a slightly empty bottom right as well as visually confirm that the plane of the wall is in fact a plane and not some illusion as suggested by the dominant shadows.

  5. Eric Jacob says:

    A great selection of excellent captures – for me it’s the fantastic Mondrian-like Location – wonderful colors and composition !

  6. William Rounds says:

    Plus one on Inner Fire.

  7. John Weeks says:

    Hello Ming,
    yes the fiddler is wonderful. So is this again the organic vs the inorganic with the shadow figure taking the predominant visual here. and the hard inorganic lamp sets it up?
    we have discussed this before, trying to understand why the composition is so strong.

    • For me, it’s having the essence and the unquestionably identifiable fiddler without the fiddler himself – and as you say, the lamp prevents it from being one-dimensional and flat.

  8. Lucy March says:

    Wonderful! Inner Fire is a Rothko in a window. I am always amazed by what you see.

  9. Inaccessibility and The Fiddler: sublime

  10. Echo the praises for the Fiddler! Inner fire and location are also clear favorites of mine. I just love your Czech photographs. The country always rise on the visit (revisit) list.

  11. The Fiddler is great 🙂

  12. I absolutely love the fiddler! It has a subtle Escher-like three dimensionality and angularity. Nice. My second would be Inner Fire.

  13. Damn MT! Great stuff. I think you’re going to be selling some prints from this lot.

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