Photoessay: Urban evenings

_G000154 copy

Not much to say about this one: I, as much as the next guy, love a good sunset. I can’t honestly think of a better way to end the day. You may well find several of these to be in an eminently painterly style, too. Enjoy! MT

_8048294 copy

_5030525 copy

_G003031 copy

_6000456b copy

_G003053 copy

_G000136 copy

_5030610 copy

_8048310 copy

_5030606 copy


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  1. Great set Ming. Love the last image.

  2. Paul Jobson says:

    Ming, what’s your take on the current long exposure noise issue currently circulating regarding the D810. I’m having a hard time seeing it as an issue with long exposure noise reduction taking care of it in camera. I wondered what you thought and what method you use to produce your clean nigh time shots. Thanks Paul

    • I use a tripod. Haven’t seen any issues yet, even with many minute astro experiments. Yet my camera is supposedly part of the affect serial block, so I suppose I’ll have to look into getting it sorted out some point…

  3. Amazing photos!

  4. Jorge Balarin says:

    Super photos. Thank you !

  5. Beautiful to enjoy viewing, inspiring to shoot some more…

  6. Gorgeous set !!! So much atmosphere and stunning colors. LOVE

  7. stellingsma2010 says:

    hello there ming thein 🙂 you have an amazing portfolio/blog and i wanna say thank you for your inspiration,
    and i have nominated you for an amazing award and i hope you will accept it .

    hans stellingsma .

  8. Inspires me to collect some urban evenings of my own

  9. John Weeks says:

    The hint of last light breaking through in number 9 does it for me. Nice end of day…

  10. Ironically, the third photograph is the most to my liking, and it largely is a sepia (or something akin to it) silhouette. The darker buildings against the more distant, taller and lighter buildings. Sunsets don’t have to have lots of colors to be great.

  11. Daniel Moore says:

    What I like best about this set is the apparent reproduction of the human visual system’s response, these look real to me, as opposed to the often over-saturated, cliche blaze of super colors or the unnatural tonal balance of land and sky. Nicely done.

  12. very awesome.

  13. Very beautiful

  14. Impressive. If I’d the money, I’ll be willing to pay for a couple of Ultraprints!

  15. The “painterly” link is 404-error. Maybe it’s a planned post not released yet?

  16. blogtendi says:

    Reblogged this on BLOGTENDI.

  17. randomesquephoto says:

    Awesome. Looks like you did a little Toronto rooftop. Great stuff.

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