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Excerpt from Making Outstanding Images Ep.4 & 5: Exploring and Processing for style. More trailers are available here

We’re nearly out of vouchers for the birthday special – it looks like we’ll have to close the offer in a few hours if things continue at this rate, so please act fast if you’re sitting on the fence. Thank you all for the great response so far! Use the voucher MINGBIRTHDAY at the checkout to get $20 off any video or bundle. No limit on the number per person, but the total number of vouchers is limited. All gone! Thank you everybody!

I’ve currently got one spot each left for the popular San Francisco Masterclass and Chicago Making Outstanding Images workshops in September due to one participant’s work schedule – won’t last for long though, I’m sure!

Thank you all for your support! MT

An overview of the video workshops

Postprocessing (A, B, C, E5)
Learn how to enhance the presentation of your image through curves, tonal management, dodging and burning and sharpening; rebalance the composition towards the subject through the use of managed contrast; familiarize yourself with advanced photoshop techniques for compositing, retouching and final output. More importantly, learn to develop a fast and powerful workflow to consistently produce great results from any camera. Based on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

Making Outstanding Images (D, E1-5)
This video series covers the core content from the workshops of the same name. Learn the fundamental underlying principles of both technical imaging and composition through a structured and methodical series of exercises. Understand why some images ‘work’ despite breaking conventional rules, and others don’t even though they tick all the boxes. Build a toolkit that lets you not just consistently translate your ideas into an image, but go beyond to take that and put an individual and consistently recognizable style on the output.

How To See (H1-3)
Travel vicariously with me through foreign cities and look over my shoulder as I shoot; you see both the surrounding context and the specific individual elements I find interesting enough to compose and shoot. I explain what attracts my attention, how I compose and my thought process at the time of capture, as well as a more formal explanation of the finished image and some discussion on the postprocessing choices made to get there.

We reserve the right to change the conditions of this promotion without prior notice; service is provided on a best effort basis. There are a limited number of vouchers available and they will be applied on a priority basis. Valid on new purchases only.


Making Outstanding Images Chicago (September 2014), Masterclass San Francisco (September 2014) and Masterclass Venice (November 2014) now open for booking – click here to book or for more info


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  1. Glad I got mine in time! This seems as good a place as any to mention that the How to See: Tokyo video is fantastic: professionally produced, informative, and really rather inspiring. Easily worth it even without a discount. I will be watching this one over and over.

  2. Sid - The Wanderer says:

    Super cool! I am too far away to attend…

  3. Michael Nussbaum says:

    I just came to your web site to order your videos to order your videos for the first time and I saw that I missed out on your Birthday coupons. I am very disappointed…Happy Birthday. Any chance that you will be issuing a few extra coupons ?

    • Thank you. Sorry, we’re all out – it wouldn’t be fair to the others. But I may do another one next year – when there are more videos 🙂

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