One place open for Making Outstanding Images London, 16-18 July

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Due to scheduling conflicts of one of the participants, I’ve just had a place open up for the Making Outstanding Images Workshop in London, from 16-18 July. If you’re interested, please send me an email. More details are below the jump, and selected testimonials from previous workshops are at the bottom of this post. Thanks! MT

Making Outstanding Images
16-18 July, London
Duration: 3 days, two practical and one classroom
Tuition cost: US$2,100 including The Fundamentals, Outstanding Images 1&2, How To See 1&2, Intro to PS Workflow (videos can be substituted for other videos in the event you already have them)

This workshop takes three days, with advanced front loading of material via video sessions. During this time, you’ll receive the distillation of my 13 years of photographic experience and investigations into learning to see, framing, composition, balance and postprocessing. It’s hands-on and exercise based, which is the fastest way of learning; the days take the form of a series of lessons, followed by demonstrations, assignments, and live feedback against the backdrop of street, travel and architectural photography. Students spend the first two days on foot learning the best way: by practicing and getting instant feedback. The third day is about deconstruction and completion of the workflow to output. It follows the same syllabus as Melbourne, Prague, Amsterdam, and the USA tour last year.

Day One: Recap of the basics and telling a story

  • Learning to see
  • The importance of light: recognizing it, finding it, and dealing with it
  • Understanding metering and creative choices
  • Subject isolation
  • Proper use of perspectives
  • Leading lines and natural frames
  • Balance and quadrants
  • Secondary subjects and storytelling
  • Recap and review/ image critique

Day Two: Exploring and Developing Style

  • What is style?
  • Consciously identifying your individual stylistic traits
  • Experimenting with four common styles
  • Individual participant review and
  • Recap and review/ image critique

Day Three: Detailed critiques and Photoshop Workflow

  • Critique and review session of images shot during the preceding days
  • Introduction to workflow – Bridge, Photoshop, file handling and organization
  • The process of editing and review
  • Getting the most out of Camera Raw
  • Demystifying Photoshop, understanding critical tools and how to use them
  • Basic level demonstration
  • Processing for style

The cost of the workshop is US$600 per day, plus US$300 for the base video pack which you need to watch before the start of the workshop – this includes The Fundamentals, Making Outstanding Images Episodes 1 & 2, How To See Episodes 1 & 2, and Introduction to PS Workflow. The cost for the full workshop is US$2,100. Places will be limited to ensure maximum attention to all students.

To book a place for one of the Making Outstanding Images workshops, or for more information, please send me an email.


H2 2014 workshops now open for booking – Making Outstanding Images San Francisco, Chicago and Venice; Masterclass San Francisco and Venice – click here to book or for more info


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