Now available: How To See: Tokyo & Street Photography!

For your holiday viewing pleasure…I’m pleased to offer up the next two instalments in the workshop video series: How To See Ep2: Tokyo, and Street Photography Ep1.

Video H2: How To See, Ep2: Tokyo – runtime 2h35min, US$63 – click here to buy now

Travel vicariously into the photographic wonderland that is Tokyo. Building on Episode 1 filmed in Kuala Lumpur, we travel to Tokyo with a completely different equipment loadout with the intention of making unique images of a place that is no stranger to being photographed. Once again, I explain what’s catching my attention in a particular location, and why I chose that particular framing and processing. I explain afterwards why a particular image works – or doesn’t. This video is unique in that all of the segments are filmed in one take: we can’t reset the scene and try again. What you’re seeing is really and exactly what I was seeing at the time of shooting. Episode 3, 4 and 5 will be filmed in Melbourne, Havana and London respectively throughout 2014.

Video S1: Street Photography, Ep1 1h38min, US$63 – click here to buy now

This video explains and demonstrates the fundamental techniques and tricks required to create a strong street photograph: one that highlights something that might otherwise have been missed, tells a story, and above all, captures a very human moment. I’ll show you how to approach and photograph people without having to be confrontational or have the courage of a lion. We use the rich hunting ground of Tokyo as our stage, and a variety of equipment from compacts to medium format.

Both of the new videos are now available for instant download via the Teaching Store, and together at a special price of $106 (save $20). So, if you feel the need to scratch the Boxing Day shopping itch, or feel like you could use another Christmas present, you know what to do! Happy holidays and a huge thank you to all of you again for your support! MT

Plenty of testimonials for past videos here at the bottom of the teaching store page.


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  1. Are the photos taken on these videos uploaded somewhere? It would be nice to see the output before purchasing. There are some interesting shots here but I didn’t spot any references to the videos:

  2. Hello Ming! I just noticed in the “How to see – Tokyo” video that you have purchased the tiny Lumix G Vario 12-32mm. Any plans on writing a review on it, or at least share some comments?
    Thanks and it was a pleasure to see such a rich city through your eyes!

    • It’s a very, very useful lens. Optics are pretty good resolution-wise, distortion isn’t great but correctable, and the mechanical zoom makes it very useful over the 14-42X which it replaced for me. That’s about it, I think – a useful lens to have handy to make the whole kit very small 🙂

  3. Just watched Street Photography Ep1. The topics covered are well chosen and build on each other providing exercises and examples to become a better street photographer. I have read extensively on the subject and the video provides a much better picture of the process / techniques then is possible through reading. The video takes things up a notch and provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals so that you can focus on the creative aspects and making images. On my own I would have not been able to figure this information out in its entirety (or even come close). Using this information as a foundation to build upon has clearly saved me years of frustration. Much appreciated – Eric

  4. Just finished watching – How to See EP2: Tokyo. The information is enjoyable and extremely helpful. The episode covers a large number and variety of scenes. I really enjoyed the locations selected. In particular the visits to gardens and landscapes was very illustrative and the photos wonderful. Also the street and building photography. Can’t wait to get out and shoot and apply these things locally. If I get to Tokyo I will have a huge list of sites to visit.

  5. Hi MT, i am keen to sign up your email school of photography. Please kindly reply if it is available. Thanks.

    • The next slot will be available in the second half of January. Would you like me to reserve it for you? If so, please send me an email…thanks!

  6. John bresnen says:

    Read your comments on lumix lx7.. You sold me..I can get one from ad rama for 265..what do you think? Enjoy your website

  7. Ordered! 😀 Now if only I didn’t have to do annoying things like go downstairs and talk to my family…

    • Thanks for the support Todd – enjoy the videos (and don’t ignore the family for too long 🙂

      • Glad you said that actually, halfway through Ep2 and I haven’t even got out of bed yet! Absolutely loving it; thanks Ming.

        • My pleasure!

          • The endorsements are becoming increasingly intense: “So good I didn’t eat, sleep, wash or talk to my family and friends for days.”

            (I’ll try and come up with something a little more upbeat for the feedback page…)

            • Errr…I don’t know if that’s good. I might have a lot of angry families complaining 😛

              • Ep2: Fantastic. Not only hugely educational, but a joy to watch.

                (Happy for that to go in the testimonials!)

                I’ve imposed a temporary ban on Street Photography Ep1 so I can focus on keeping my personal relationships intact over the festive period 😉 That’ll give me time to digest the other video, anyway; they are the Christmas dinner of photographic knowledge…

  8. Hmm, did we crash your server? S1 downloaded fine, and the server went down in the middle of H2 for me.

  9. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Ming, I think that I survived this day when everything is shut down and called Christmas over here. Keep posting, your thoughts always stir me to try something new.

    • Haha, thanks Ron. I was told by several retailers here that Christmas and New Year are actually the best sales days of the year for them – everybody is on leave!

      • Ron Scubadiver says:

        I am on boredom lockdown. The skies here in Texas are usually beautiful. It has been weeks now of either total white or total blue. The blue days are colder, that is how I can tell them from the white days.

  10. Paul Jeyaraj says:

    Ming, ordered already, was wondering if possible to have your roadmap to choose at the store??


  1. […] The making of a lot of these images, and the ones in the previous photoessay, were featured, deconstructed and explained in detail in How To See Episode 2: Tokyo and Street Photography Episode 1. […]

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