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Two of the workshop videos we shot at the start of this month have now completed production and will be available very soon – by popular demand, “How To See, Episode 1: Kuala Lumpur”, and a after the break, a curveball: “The Compact Camera Masterclass”. Tomorrow we return to the regular business of reviews with the final instalment of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 trilogy – the 12-40/2.8.  Enjoy! MT

Edit: trailers have been updated with less noisy versions.


Enter the 2013 Maybank Photo Awards here – there’s US$35,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, it’s open to all ASEAN residents, and I’m the head judge! Entries close 31 October 2013.


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  1. Why on hell you put music behind while you speak ????? Moreover so loud !!!!!!
    I hardly hear anything of what you are saying !

  2. It is a great concept and I’m quite excited in this series. Most professional photographers would be able to pull it off. I hope it goes great for you. I hope this can be purchased through the iPad. PayPal has never been too kind to me; It has probably been worse for you. Still I avoid PayPal like swine flu. Could you tease us by showing us some of the images you will talk about? I imagine it would be more enticing to see it as an actual image, rather than a freeze frame of the YouTube image. This would help me do a bit of homework, to speculate what that image is trying to achieve.

  3. Always nice to see from another photographers perspective, I’m very curious about yours. It’s cool you are doing the compact camera masterclass too! That one will really narrow it down what a good picture is really all about.

  4. I can’t wait till tomorrow…(EM-1)

  5. Wow, this looks brilliant! Looking forward to going crazy in your store once I’ve sorted myself out with a DSLR again.

    • In the meantime, there’s the compact camera masterclass 🙂

      • I would have gone for that (I value your tuition a lot more than gear), and I’m sure the rest of the videos apply whatever kind of camera you’re using, but I’ve now been formally asked to do two weddings based on one I did last year with the D700, so first priority penny-wise is to sort out something digital that’s more suited to the job than the Coolpix A! 🙂 I’ve still got all my Nikon lenses as it was always my intention to upgrade to the D600, but the dust/oil issue seems to be ongoing here, and the ergonomic niggles (compared to the D700) and unnecessarily high resolution (for reportage) put me off. I’m tempted to look for a cheap used D700 (I only sold mine because, while I had it, I wasn’t being asked to do this kind of stuff!), but tidy examples are fetching £1100 on eBay…

        Incidentally, I’m definitely not a pro and don’t tout for business: I’ve been offered these wedding gigs through word of mouth, and that’s very much thanks to the amazing tuition and advice that I’ve got from this site and your iPad app. So thank you very, very much. I’ll be thanking you further by buying your latest series of videos (and hopefully some one-on-one tuition) as soon as I have the spare cash 🙂

        • Agreed with you on that – priorities first. But, £1100 for a D700!! I sold mine for about $1500 including the grip, custom-cut F6/K type focusing screen and mirror alignment. Aargh! Oh well.

          No worries, glad to hear the videos are helpful! Plenty of pros on this site too.

          • I’d have loved that custom focusing screen! I bet yours was better looked after than most, too. Possibly a few more than the average eBay UK <6,000 shutter count though… ("Selling as I've purchased a new D800…" YOU'VE HARDLY USED IT!)

            • Well, it did have >60k clicks, but cosmetically perfect. I believe in looking after my gear; it lasts longer. My D800E has just rolled over 40k during this week’s shoot; kinda insane considering I *only* use it for single shot commercial stuff, it’s about 16 months old, and it isn’t even my main camera by shutter count…

              • Striking how little it crops up in your Photostream, actually; that speaks volumes. The only big thing keeping me from going MFT at this point is the greater depth of field afforded by a full frame sensor; I like that look for portraits, and don’t want to be forced to use longer focal lengths to get it.

                • There’s a good reason for that: a lot of the images are embargoed by clients and I never get around to posting them…

                  • Our loss 🙂 Still, I think there are enough photos on there to keep us busy for a while…! Nearly 18 months visiting this site and Flickr and I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface!

  6. Can’t wait any longer! 🙂

  7. Super excited about KL part – I’ll be there in two weeks and it would be great to know some good photo locations.

  8. Roger Wojahn says:

    You’re kicking it up a level Ming. We’ll all look back and see this as your breaking into the big time!

  9. Ming, Super Excited for the videos! Really enjoyed the previous ones!

    Best Wishes – Eric

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