One slot opened for the Prague workshop…

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Prague – 2-5 October: one four-day seat left at a special price of $1,900 instead of $2,150! You can of course take any combination of days you wish, too.

A place has opened up due to a participant’s work commitments conflicting…if you were on the fence before, hopefully this will give you an incentive!

The syllabus will still follow the core fundamentals from the USA tour: throw everything you thought you knew about photography out the window, and start again. All you need is a camera and a couple of perspectives – one wide, one tele. It could be either end of a zoom on a compact, or it could be medium format and a couple of primes – it’s up to you. What I’ll be teaching is subject independent: make great images, any time, with any subject, any camera. Put it this way: it’s easy to spend thousands on equipment that you may use a handful of times a year, but what about the knowledge that lets you make the most of that equipment, in any situation?

The Singapore and USA workshop reports are here and here respectively.

For full details and to make a booking, click here. Thanks! MT


  1. Are there any Czechs at the workshop? I think the price is unrealistic for the Czechs

    • I also don’t speak Czech, which might make it pointless anyway. I charge what I charge because a) after four days, I’ll completely rewire your photographic brain in a good way – look at previous workshops – and there are very few people who can do this; b) it has to make economic sense for opportunity costs against commercial work I can’t do. As always, the people who come are the ones who see the value, and there are plenty of them (until I close bookings because we’re full, then re-open because of inevitable last minute cancellations due to work etc…)

  2. The Singapore workshop report link is broken!

  3. I never get tired of looking at this photo.. It is a good lesson for shadows all on its own!

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