Meet the new editorial team.

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I’ve finally figured out how to optimize the efficiency of this site. They will begin with handling email and comment replies, and slowly move on to occasional posting too, at least once I’ve trained them. Please excuse any typos or unintelligible text for the moment; I have to optimize the stochastic keyboard filter. Also, since it seems that some people want quantity and some don’t, I’ve gone for the fast but lucky approach. Meet the new leader of my editorial team, pictured here deep in thought. If it is believed a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters can eventually produce Shakespeare, then I figure a small troupe should have no problem handling ‘what should I buy?’ emails. (Besides, there’s no way my Amazon referral vouchers will cover sufficient bananas for a thousand.)

Happy April 1st, everybody. MT


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  1. Hey MT,

    After seeing the photo of your newly minted editorial team leader, my 5-year-old son said “Mommy mommy do you know what kind of key can’t open doors?”

    Me: “No…”

    Boy: “mon-KEY!!!!”

    Happy 4/1 to you, too 🙂

  2. “I’ve gone for the fast but lucky approach”…

    Argh got me with this one!

    Great post, Shakespeare and cameras, that’s certainly a novel approach!

  3. FUNNY !!

  4. So do we address correspondence to Mr Monk Ey or the Editor?

  5. LOL! Happy April fools day Ming. Good luck with the new editorial team :).

  6. Richard Hargrove says:

    Happy 1 Apr to you too. Not to be too picky, but it’s an infinite number of monkeys. And besides that conjecture has been disproved by the internet.

  7. Kelvin Cheah says:

    Ha funny…

    So what should I buy rx100:Nikon A:x100s?


  8. Ha ha ha, great new teammembers Ming. Beautiful picture btw.

  9. From their picture, I think they are the same folks sending in most of the comments 🙂

  10. Andrew McMaster says:

    I can think of a number of photography sites where your proposed editorial team would be almost certain to make improvements, and a larger number where they could be slotted straight in without readers being aware of a change. Sadly for your planned initiative, your site does not fall into either category, and I think you may be stuck with maintaining your hands-on involvement.

    Andrew McMaster

  11. If he gets mad at you, does he start throwing … specifications at you? 36 megapixels, L lens, bokeh!

    • They’re fine so long as you keep them in bananas. If they throw any text at you, you’re probably going to be fine because it’s most likely gibberish anyway. 🙂

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