Gentle reminder: two weeks left to the Making and Finding Light workshop!


Two weeks left to register!

I’m pleased to present both my first workshop and first collaboration, in Kuala Lumpur – I know I live here, but I’ve not actually done anything here yet either…

There will be two sessions with noted studio photographer Kristian Dowling from Australia, on the 28th and 30th of September 2012. Each session is limited to 12 participants, and is priced at RM600 per person per session, or RM1,000 for both sessions.

Profoto will be sponsoring lighting equipment for the studio session.

28 September 2012: Studio (Victor Studio, Shriro Building, Lot 22&24 Jalan 225, Petaling Jaya)
The morning session will begin with something simple, yet fundamental: how to evaluate an image, and understand what works and what doesn’t. I’ll then continue with color theory, compositional balance and a bit about the psychology of how viewers react to an image. Kristian will finish off with a session on studio lighting; bring your laptops, lights, tripods and everything you’d normally use on a studio shoot.

30 September 2012: Street (Starts at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and keeps going on foot)
Kristian is a street photographer. In a previous life, I was a photojournalist. We both have different approaches to reportage – this session will be split into two halves; one group will go with myself, the other with Kristian and we’ll swap after lunch. Small groups mean that it’s easy to move around and not attract attention. This session will teach you three important skills:
1. How to anticipate and see a shot; what our thinking process is before raising camera to eye. A lot of composition is done even before looking through the viewfinder.
2. How to be ready and respond quickly
3. How to see the light and get the shot.

Please email either me –, or Kristian – to book or for more information. MT



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