Photoessay: Polo time, part 1

From an afternoon spent at the Royal Selangor Polo Club as a guest of one of the players – one of the very few times I’ve shot sport, believe it or not. I once again come to the conclusion that I’ve got an insufficient number of millimeters, and you need rather high shutter speeds to get any sort of useable and sharp images out. Now that I’ve got a Panasonic 100-300 for my OM-D, I’ll have to try and get myself invited back again…MT

This series shot with the Nikon D700, D3100 and 28-300VR.

_7021220bw copy

_3100_DSC0166 copy

_7021334bw copy

_7020966 copy

_7021206 copy

_7020910 copy

_7020841 copy

_7020817 copy

_7021312 copy

_7021180 copy

_7020854 copy

_7020985 copy

_7021112bw copy

_3100_DSC0133 copy


  1. Excellent series, you’d do well in sports 🙂
    I can’t wait for the OMD series.

  2. I`ve heard people say that 28-300 is not sharp enough and has incredible distortions … they probably never used PS or LR they way they were meant to be used. This entry made me think again about this lens for traveling to complement the 50 and 17-35, next to a D700.

    • It works well inside its known limitations. You’ll need a higher shutter speed than expected for the 300mm end, and the 28mm end is not very good at all until stopped down. Other than that, it’s convenient, I suppose…

  3. my favourite, #12, stunning!!! great series ming..,

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